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doTERRA + She's Leaning In

get excited.

Back in November, I took the plunge and became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. Previously, I had heard about the benefits of using essential oils, and had even experienced some benefits myself though my therapist and experimentation. Then, a few months after I become pregnant, one of my favorite people contacted me and asked if I had considered using essential oils to help me through my pregnancy (and really, just for general life). I explained that I had, but I wasn't well-versed and was extremely interested.

Here's my why. That conversation lead to my 'why'. As in, why I decided to take the plunge and begin learning/using essential oils in my every day life. When you get pregnant, suddenly your whole life changes. Yes, yes, you're going to have a baby, blah, blah, blah...but I'm talking about the dietary restrictions, the physical restrictions, the sudden and complete awareness of EVERY THING that so much as touched my body much less entered it. This meant that the normal things that happen to people (migraines, cold sores, UTI's, yeast infections all of which I experienced while pregnant) became a big deal to treat. Can you still take pills while you're pregnant? Absolutely! Work with your doctor and she/he will help you with whatever your ailment is. Here's the deal though: I didn't want to. For things like the UTI and Yeast Infection, I had to use some form of treatment, which I did with the help of my doctors. But for my migraines and cold sores? No thank you. Enter essential oils.

I ended up taking it very slow, ordering the AromaTouch Kit initially, and then ordering a little more each month, with the recommendations of my mentor. When I graduated college in March (yay!) I began researching and actually taking the time to learn about what I've been using and began recommending oils to my friends and family. Since then, my parents are seeing some serious benefits with just diffusing a single oil, and throughout my pregnancy I was able to deal with any headaches and cold sores naturally, and more effectively than taking a pill.

doTERRA + She's Leaning In. Here's what you're going to see in the future. Each month, I'm going to talk about an oil of the month. This month's is Lemon, and there are a TON of benefits, all of which have been discussed here on my doTERRA page (which you can find under the shop tab). I've also created a whole FAQ page, to help answer any questions you may have. As I update things, I'll do a new post and talk about the updates and hope that it inspires some of you to give essential oils a shot!

I'm really excited to start this journey of sharing and building and hope that through my sharing, I can inspire some of you to give it a shot! Have a great rest of the week!

Nursery Reveal + Weekending

it's as finished as it's going to be...for now.

Brian and I have big plans for after the baby is born. It's no secret that we're planning a big move as soon as possible. We both feel that California has passed it's expiration date for us, and can not wait to get out. So, when we found out that I was pregnant, we originally hadn't planned on setting up a nursery at all, but then my nesting got the best of me, and I pulled rank. We finally have the nursery as completed as we're prepared to do and I thought it would be a good day to go ahead share with everyone.

Let's break this down a bit shall we? We really went minimal on this, because, well, we're going to be moving. We kept it to the essentials and tried to not spend a million dollars. If you've ever shopped for nursery/baby stuff, you know how quickly that can happen.

Getting the crib and mattress was obviously an essential. We both love this one we found at Target for relatively low cost! Then it just made sense to add a mobile. We also knew we needed a baby monitor and ended up getting a nicer one than we thought we wanted because the lesser priced one was sold out when we were getting ready to receive it. You guys, this monitor is totally worth it. If you're in the market, go for it.

The glider is again from Target and really fits both Brian and I well. I'm excited that it has higher/deeper sides so we can rest our head while we're rocking because, let's face it, this is going to be happening a lot. The lamp we found and thought it fit relatively well.

That brings us to the dresser, changing pad, diaper cart and door storage. I don't know about you, but we have a ton of blankets/swaddles/receiving blankets. We don't have a lot of space to store them, so when we found that door storage option at Babies R Us, I thought it was a great way to keep them neat, tidy, and accessible. We opted for a chest of drawers versus the dresser we were building (it was a catastrophe, we're having a ritualistic burning soon) because we can easily organize her items into sizes! The changing pad is at the perfect height for dressing (I don't plan on actually changing her there a lot).

The diaper cart is my organizational pride and joy, I love that it has everything we need on it, diapers, wipes, burping cloths, and even her bath time stuff in the little basket. LOVE IT so much.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my little tour. And, I'm linking up with B Loved Boston to share!

Just a Quick Note...

No blog post today guys on account of sickness. But, be sure you check out my faves: 

Mother's Day Weekending


Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mom's out there (and in my case) soon-to-be mom's! So, funny story: I've created what I'm calling "The Tweener Rule" which means that if you're like me, and your child is to be born after Mother's Day but before Father's Day thus enabling Dad to have a Dad's Day, but making it impossible for Mom to have a Mom's Day, therefore always putting Mom one down on the scale of fairness, that the mother in question shall receive an un-birthday to make up for this. Everyone I've talked to says it's fair, and so I say it stays.

So to all you moms-to-be (like me) who fell in the "Tweener" Category! Happy Almost Mother's Day and Unbirthday to you all!!

In other news, I had yet another boring weekend and this time guys, seriously, it was needed. Last weekend was actually really busy, and I was so tired afterwards it took me until Wednesday to recoup. No joke. A few things did happen though:

My roses are in full bloom and they just look fantastic! This winter was hard on them, but they've finally kicked it and are doing much better! MUCH MUCH better. These are actually limited edition "Downton Abbey" inspired roses. The one you're looking at is the Dowager Countess. Also, my Ranunculus are sprouting and I can't wait until they bloom. I'm hoping they do before the sun kills them, like it kills everything...all hopes, dreams...this is what it's like living in the desert.

I also made homemade taco pizza on Saturday which kept me full essentially all weekend. It was crazy. Between that and the leftover ziti from my "surprise" baby shower at work (they think they can surprise me, it's cute) I think I've pretty much carbed out for the rest of the year. All very delicious though. I mean, really good.

That's really all I have to report. I hope you all had a great weekend and great Mother's Day!

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Post-Pregnancy Shopping + H54F

post-pregnancy shopping list

Today (Thursday) I'm officially 36 weeks and I'm getting excited to experience a few things after baby (I mean other than baby)....like shopping. I've essentially stopped shopping since the last round of maternity clothes I purchased and it's left a gaping hole in my life.

Okay, maybe not a gaping hole, but I miss it...I really do.

So for today's H54F, I thought I'd run down my current top five post-pregnancy shopping items!

PRIMP has tons of cute stuff right now. In fact, two out of five of these items are from there! I'm not normally a peasant girl, at all, but I like the print/pattern combo of the Savanna One Shoulder Top. I don't know, I think it would be a fun summer shirt. I'm also in desperate need of shorts, and the Sunrise Printed Shorts are not only super cute, but also have an elastic waist which for postpartum will be preferred.

I really like the May Day Top from Apricot Lane. It's fitted up top and loose on the bottom which I think will be a nice way to hide that baby-belly while it's shrinking back down.

I have wanted a hat like the one shown above since the beginning of time. This one is customizable! I have no idea where I'll wear this, but I care not. I need it. And I'm 15 years pregnant, please don't think this post is at all rational.

Finally, a friend of mine lived in her Spanx leggings postpartum. I know, they're horribly expensive, but she swore by them and again, 15 years pregnant, I want them. And I care not about the cost.

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My Favorite Essential Oils

(for the moment..)

I haven't talked about this much on the blog, but I have every intention of inserting a little bit more about something that I've been dabbling with and working on for the last couple of months: doTERRA and essential oils. I've been using essential oils throughout my pregnancy, and now even my husband is on board because he's seen how much they've helped. There's a whole other post here, but I thought for today, I'd run through my current favorites.

For Allergies... Brian and Cooper (the dog) have had the worst allergies this season. Normally, I'm the one with bad allergies, but this year, my two boys are having the worst problems. I've been diffusing OnGuard (which is my husband's favorite) and Breathe like crazy. OnGuard is good for your immune system while Breathe is amazing for your respiratory health. Cooper loves this one and usually goes to sit next to the diffuser when it's running. With his allergies, Brian has been complaining about bad headaches, so I've been using some of the AromaTouch to help relieve his headaches and relax his muscles. He loves it.

For Anxiety... As my pregnancy grows nearer to the end, not only has my already short fuse been shortening to nothing, but my anxiety has grown a bit. Not about labor and delivery, but about all the things that happen after...like parenting. When I get home from work (which holds a whole new version of anxiety) I usually pop some Balance in the diffuser. I'll also applying this topically right behind my ear lobes to help ground me and relax a bit. As I'm getting ready to wind down for bed, I'll diffuse some Serenity (which is the best way to do lavender in my opinion) with a couple drops of Breathe to help with my respiratory issues (#pregnancyproblems). 

For Skin Issues... I have introduced more people to Melaleuca recently than anything else. A coworker of mine came in with a bad cold sore, so I hooked her up and, as it had happened with me, her cold sore started healing within hours of application. I've also used this on some, what are undoubtably hormone related, spots on my face and they've kept it from surfacing, and it goes down. 

I'm not sure what I did before I discovered doTERRA and essential oils. If you'd like, you can click here to check out my website and learn a little more. Or! Feel free to comment here with questions or use the contact me section to ask me a personal question about them! I'll get back to you right away! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

A Little Honest Weekending

Hi everyone! Here it is on Sunday afternoon and they day as flown! I've had a pretty eventful weekend, which is strange for me and I'll be honest (cause that's the theme) I'm pretty glad it's over. Lots happening.

Saturday was our anniversary, so I made some homemade lasagna (using this recipe) and my famous chocolate chips cookies for dessert. Brian managed to get off of work early and surprise me with a Beauty and the Beast coloring book along with the movie Moana. For those of you thinking: wow, what an anniversary gift, let me explain: my husband knows me, and therefore knows that I will get more enjoyment out of these two simple things than any jewelry or fancy item. It's just who I am, and I'm 100% okay with that.

Then on Sunday we had my "baby brunch" which consisted of a few of our people here in SoCal getting together for a champagne brunch in which I wished I could drink the champagne, while the rest of them did and I lusted. It was a nice time and I think a good way to do a baby thing without it being a full blown shower: cause no

Right here would normally be the spot where I inserted some pictures of the inside of the restaurant and the food but here's the honest to goodness truth: I had such bad social anxiety by the time I got there that it was everything I could do to not run screaming for the car. #truthbomb So, I forgot completely to take more photo's, sorry.

I did manage to snap a pretty decent picture of my look for the day though! I've listed all the products I used below

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