New Sunglasses for the Lady

My husband has been after me to get a decent pair of sunglasses for...well, for years really. He is obsessed with Oakley's and has custom ordered them since I've known him. My defense all these years has been that I am really rough on my sunglasses and while I would appreciate a pair of expensive-ish sunnies, I'm not sure that's really a good idea.

Well kids, I'm here to tell you I've gotten over that, and finally took the plunge.

I didn't want to go too expensive, because, well, I wasn't kidding when I said I was tough on sunnies. I thought Nordstrom was probably the best option and I was right. I found several options, but eventually settled on the Le Specs Caliente 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses. I love a good cat eye.

I really like the shape and how these fit my face! There were several others in the running as well, but I'm glad that I settled on these. Here's the final runners up:

 photo 984e64a8-69c4-49ce-a78b-7de5d6033b1f_zpsole4g3z6.jpg

Summer Reading List

Disclaminer: I realize this post should have gone up in June, but I was 
distracted by my amazing baby, and am therefore posting it now
...halfway through summer.

I have recently rekindled my love of reading and have devoured several books in a short period of time. This prompted a romp through my old 'previously read' list and I thought it might be time to put together a couple of favorites for you guys to check out the rest of this summer, if you want. No pressure.

Stand-Alone Fiction.

I'm kind of a stand-alone fiction snob and rarely read any; however, this author is pretty good. I mean, really good. Big Little Lies is the second work I've read of hers and I absolutely devoured this one. I'd also be lying if I didn't admit that my reason for picking this up is the fact that Alexander Skarsgard plays a character on the HBO tv series inspired by this book. Anyways, this book has firmly planted itself on my favorite-books-of-all-time list and I don't foresee it falling off any time soon. It's written in the past and present-tense and keeps you hooked all the way to the end where you end up with one of those "SHUT UP!" moments that always makes me run out of the room, book in hand to find Brian and tell him what just happened. He then makes the obligatory "OMG!" face and goes on with what he was doing. Great. Book. Also, great husband.

The Series.

If you've been here awhile you know that I love basically all things Scotland and the Outlander series has the hottest Scot since...well, ever (sorry Sean Connery). Echo in the Bone is book seven in the series. Please be forewarned, these books are huge. So, while I'm all, oh this is a summer read, I really mean, you should start the series this summer and expect to be reading it well into winter.

Classic Fiction.

For some reason, I've been thinking about this book for the last couple of weeks, which generally means it's time for a re-read. Grapes of Wrath is one of those books that everyone knows about, and is generally required reading at some point in your education. If you're like me, you cheated and Spark-Noted it. Eventually though I did pick it up, and it actually became one of the greatest books I've ever read. If you're up for it, it's definitely worth the read.

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Hello again!

And I'm back. Thank you for the break, it was much needed. Turns out by the end of pregnancy, you basically have no space for anything else in your life. Needless to say, I've had that baby, and now that she's three weeks, we've basically got a routine down and I've found myself with a little more time and a lot more brain power.


If you've been around for a while, you'll know that every year and a half or so I like to update the look and feel of the blog. It's sort of like a fresh coat of paint, if you will. I really like this update and I hope you enjoy how clean it is. Recently, I walked into a certain discount store (which will remain nameless) where it had fashion and home items displayed in what could be the most categorically disorganized way possible, and realized the if its not presented to me in a clean and orderly fashion, I'm really not interested. This kind of sparked a bit of a life clean up, and when I looked at my blog I thought, let's clean this up a bit, shall we? Please take a tour around, every page has been updated. My posting-schedule has also changed: I'll be posting Wednesday's and Friday's now, and please forgive me if I miss a post here and there. Life is bound to be pretty busy in the coming month's. If you're wondering, I get all my blog templates from Etsy!


As I said above, I have since had that baby and she's amazing. After hanging around on the inside for an extra week she was literally evicted via induction on June 14th and joined the world soon after. Meet Adalae Elizabeth, born June 15th, at 8:24pm. 6 lbs, 3oz, 19-inches long. Currently loves bottles, country music and Dad's silliness. She has a love/hate relationship with her pacifier and despises her MamaRoo.

We Were On a Break

Okay guys. It's time for a break. I am so close to 39 weeks and my brain no longer works. It's time for me to take a step back, focus on the last remaining days of my pregnancy and my mental health.

I'm not sure when I'll be back, but as of today, I am planning to come back. The blog might look a little different, things might change a little bit, but I think I'll be back when I can.

For now, keep following me on Instagram! I'll be posting stories, and photos galore!

Enjoy your summer everyone!!!

doTERRA + She's Leaning In

get excited.

Back in November, I took the plunge and became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. Previously, I had heard about the benefits of using essential oils, and had even experienced some benefits myself though my therapist and experimentation. Then, a few months after I become pregnant, one of my favorite people contacted me and asked if I had considered using essential oils to help me through my pregnancy (and really, just for general life). I explained that I had, but I wasn't well-versed and was extremely interested.

Here's my why. That conversation lead to my 'why'. As in, why I decided to take the plunge and begin learning/using essential oils in my every day life. When you get pregnant, suddenly your whole life changes. Yes, yes, you're going to have a baby, blah, blah, blah...but I'm talking about the dietary restrictions, the physical restrictions, the sudden and complete awareness of EVERY THING that so much as touched my body much less entered it. This meant that the normal things that happen to people (migraines, cold sores, UTI's, yeast infections all of which I experienced while pregnant) became a big deal to treat. Can you still take pills while you're pregnant? Absolutely! Work with your doctor and she/he will help you with whatever your ailment is. Here's the deal though: I didn't want to. For things like the UTI and Yeast Infection, I had to use some form of treatment, which I did with the help of my doctors. But for my migraines and cold sores? No thank you. Enter essential oils.

I ended up taking it very slow, ordering the AromaTouch Kit initially, and then ordering a little more each month, with the recommendations of my mentor. When I graduated college in March (yay!) I began researching and actually taking the time to learn about what I've been using and began recommending oils to my friends and family. Since then, my parents are seeing some serious benefits with just diffusing a single oil, and throughout my pregnancy I was able to deal with any headaches and cold sores naturally, and more effectively than taking a pill.

doTERRA + She's Leaning In. Here's what you're going to see in the future. Each month, I'm going to talk about an oil of the month. This month's is Lemon, and there are a TON of benefits, all of which have been discussed here on my doTERRA page (which you can find under the shop tab). I've also created a whole FAQ page, to help answer any questions you may have. As I update things, I'll do a new post and talk about the updates and hope that it inspires some of you to give essential oils a shot!

I'm really excited to start this journey of sharing and building and hope that through my sharing, I can inspire some of you to give it a shot! Have a great rest of the week!

Nursery Reveal + Weekending

it's as finished as it's going to be...for now.

Brian and I have big plans for after the baby is born. It's no secret that we're planning a big move as soon as possible. We both feel that California has passed it's expiration date for us, and can not wait to get out. So, when we found out that I was pregnant, we originally hadn't planned on setting up a nursery at all, but then my nesting got the best of me, and I pulled rank. We finally have the nursery as completed as we're prepared to do and I thought it would be a good day to go ahead share with everyone.

Let's break this down a bit shall we? We really went minimal on this, because, well, we're going to be moving. We kept it to the essentials and tried to not spend a million dollars. If you've ever shopped for nursery/baby stuff, you know how quickly that can happen.

Getting the crib and mattress was obviously an essential. We both love this one we found at Target for relatively low cost! Then it just made sense to add a mobile. We also knew we needed a baby monitor and ended up getting a nicer one than we thought we wanted because the lesser priced one was sold out when we were getting ready to receive it. You guys, this monitor is totally worth it. If you're in the market, go for it.

The glider is again from Target and really fits both Brian and I well. I'm excited that it has higher/deeper sides so we can rest our head while we're rocking because, let's face it, this is going to be happening a lot. The lamp we found and thought it fit relatively well.

That brings us to the dresser, changing pad, diaper cart and door storage. I don't know about you, but we have a ton of blankets/swaddles/receiving blankets. We don't have a lot of space to store them, so when we found that door storage option at Babies R Us, I thought it was a great way to keep them neat, tidy, and accessible. We opted for a chest of drawers versus the dresser we were building (it was a catastrophe, we're having a ritualistic burning soon) because we can easily organize her items into sizes! The changing pad is at the perfect height for dressing (I don't plan on actually changing her there a lot).

The diaper cart is my organizational pride and joy, I love that it has everything we need on it, diapers, wipes, burping cloths, and even her bath time stuff in the little basket. LOVE IT so much.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my little tour. And, I'm linking up with B Loved Boston to share!