Spring in SoCal!


Here in Southern California, it's basically spring. Granted, it is only February and it barely reaches below 60 degrees twice a year, but it's this time of year that you see a lot more sunshine and the temperatures begin climbing to a balmy 75-80 degrees. Here are some of my spring faves from the first round of spring collections! (These are all available in plus sizes as well, cause well, I'm plus size!)

1. ModCloth's Simplicity on a Saturday Tunic: I'm a sucker for basic, easy, tops in the spring time. No graphics, no printes, just give me a nice solid, and I'll rock it. It's so versatile!

2. ModCloth's Bouquet Brilliance Earrings:  I absolutely love these earrings! The color is feminine and they're classy enough to be worn with a casual outfit, or when you're going out!

3. 4-Ringed Stacked Set by Lane Bryant: Love multiple rings right now. Love it! It's been a trend for a while, but I'm just getting into it. These are the perfect, easy add-on to any outfit.

4. Toe-Tapping Time Flat in Blush by ModCloth: I'm a flats wearer. I do occasionally bust out the heels, but for my every day, given the amount of walking I do, you'll catch me in flats. Love the color of these bad boys!

5. Dapper on Deck Shorts: I'm not going to lie to you and say, OMG, SHORTS! By them, wear them! You guys, I don't like shorts. I used to love them, but now I'm like, meh, give me some leggings and I'll be good to go. These shorts however, will likely make it into my collection! Love the nautical feel!

6. Black Stripe Mini Zip Around Purse by River Island: Ok ladies, we need to talk. River Island is hands down, one of my favorite stores EVER. Based in the UK they offer fantastic styles at pretty good prices. My last two wallets have been from there and I've loved them until they fell apart. Seriously, go online, check them out. Do it. WOO!

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