A Box for a Box Pt 1

This isn't anything new. Everyone knows about monthly subscription boxes and most everyone that I know has tried a few. I am no exception and Birchbox is basically my staple. However, sometimes I get restless and I want to try something new. 

Recently, I went on a bender and found a slew of new boxes I'd love to try! So, in two parts I will be reviewing a couple boxes I found to try. And for good measure, I've included a couple boxes I've already tried and loved, or tried and didn't like. I will be signing up for at least one new box to try, but I'm not sure which one yet. I'll reveal it at the end of post 2!

1. DottieBox: DottieBox is a monthly box that brings new vendors straight to your door...think Etsy. My favorite thing about this box is that it offers a regular sized box and a mini box! After checking out their blog and the vendors they've been featuring, I'm definitely interested. Some of the more interesting vendors included: Itty Bitty Bubbles & Co.Old Whaling Company (I'm in the process of switching to hand-made soaps for our sinks, so this looks perfect), and OneWord Designs cause I'm a sucker for hand writing and typography.

Cost per Month: $10 - $20

2. Julep Maven: This box has been around for a while, but I've never tried it! Which is really strange since I love nail polish and lip stick (two things that Julep is known for). I'm definitely interested in this one because you get the option of changing your box around if you like. As a member, you can sign up for a monthly subscription for a bit more, or sign up for a three month subscription.

Cost per Month: $19 - $25

3. Box of Happies: I remember when this box came out. I got an announcement from someone, somewhere, and was excited to check it out.......Then I promptly forgot and now I've just rediscovered it. Box of Happies featured handmade products, much like DottieBox and promotes small businesses (which is awesome). These guys don't autobill you, but give you the option of purchasing a 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

Cost per Month: $24

4. Ipsy: Ipsy is a lot like Birchbox only I found that they have a few more full-sized beauty samples than Birchbox does. It also comes with a cute bag every month which is always a plus. I had an Ipsy subscription but cancelled it, on account of funds. I really liked it while I had it and I still use some of the bags I received.

Cost per Month: $10

5. DarbySmart: DarbySmart is a monthly box for crafters. They send you everything you need to complete a project for a pretty minimal fee. I tried out DarbySmart a few months ago and while I enjoyed a couple of projects, I wasn't really sold on the whole idea. Plus, I'm a huge crafter already, so the last thing I needed was another excuse to craft something. I would highly recommend this box to anyone who is looking for a quick crafting fix a month.

Cost per Month: $19

Note: Shipping costs may or may not be included in the per month prices. Most likely not.

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