Calia by Carrie Underwood

Recently, I walked into a Dicks Sporting Goods and was blown away by country super-duper-star Carrie Underwood's collection of fitness wear and equipment. There were so many great items! Unfortunately, the sizes stopped at XL, but judging by the looks of them, they were a generous XL. Hopefully, Carrie will expand her line to include up to 3X. 


Her line is carried exclusively by Dick's Sporting Goods and you can find it online at or As you can see from my selection above, her line is very feminine, but it looks good. It looks like something you might be able to wear to the supermarket after a workout without getting the 'you're-sweating-all-over-me-stare'. This is something I am not a fan of. Not to mention, my workout clothes consist of running shorts and the closest t-shirt.

When I was in the store touching every piece she has offered (I look with my hands, I can't help it) it dawned on me that work out clothes should look good. I'm not saying that what you wear to the gym matters, because it ultimately doesn't, but what does matter is how you feel in nice clothes. Think about the last time you tried on a dress at the store (or a suit, whatever) and it fit just right. Or the last time you had something tailored to your body. When you put it on, your body feels kind of sighs into it. It just fits, and it doesn't bind, and it's just right....

Well that's kind of what I think Carrie Underwood may have been going for here. She's got some great pieces that aren't just gym pieces: the loop scarf (eleven), the dolman sleeved cardigan (twelve), and the form-fitting jacket (four) are a few examples.

Another thing I loved about her line is that she included the entire gym experience in it. It's not just about the clothes, she's got handbands (which I didn't feature here, but are herehere, and here), yoga equipment, a fantastic fruit-infusing water bottle, a bag, and what I like to call "utility clothes" like underwear, bras, and socks. 
This quote is featured on the first page of Calia Studio and it pretty much sums up her line. You can tell that she really put thought into it and created a line that can easily transition from the gym to running errands. That's really what I love about it.

Well, that and because there's a lot of pink in it. 

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