Do you? Do We? Ok!

Alas, we find ourselves once again in hyper-wedding season.

Which, in girl terms, means it's time to keep your legs shaved, brows plucked, and dresses pressed because you're going to be busy for the next several weekends.

Assuming that we are all seasoned wedding goers, I'm going to skip over the obvious etiquette tips (like don't wear a white dress) and move along to the good stuff.

The Dresses.

Choosing a dress to wear for a wedding can be pretty difficult. There's so many things you have to think about before you just grab one and say, "Yep! That'll do."

What kind of wedding is it?

Is the bride crazy?

Is my ex-boyfriend there?

All of these questions run through your mind at about ten zillion miles per hour (or kilometers per hour for the metrically inclined folk) while you're staring at yourself in a dressing room mirror with bad lighting, wondering if the dress is too short, makes your butt/boobs look too big, and is the right price.

WHEW! I get tired even thinking of it.

It's tough!

So, in order to provide some semblance of sanity, I've broken it down for you.


Figure out what type of wedding you're going to.


Verify if said ex-boyfriend is going to be there.


Find dress based on findings.

The five dresses shown above (hopefully) provide you with a decent idea regarding the type of dress you're going find for a specific type wedding (and all of them translate well). For instance, wearing a lovely floral dress to an outdoor/country chic wedding would be perfect in that setting, however, it would also be fantastic to a fancy church wedding as well!

For a summer wedding, the dress I've affectionately dubbed "The Dancing Queen" would be a fun way to not only include a little white in your wardrobe, but also, is bound to make you stand out in a crowd. #ILOVEPLEATS 

The swanky dress is another one of those dresses that can translate pretty well. Not only would that be great in a hyper-fancy / I'm-getting-married-at-The-Ritz kind of wedding, but it would also do well in a nice church setting. I do feel it's a bit too fancy for an outdoor wedding though, so be sure you don't over-do the fancy.

And finally, let's talk about those times when the ex-man or the lady-of-the-fights is going to be present and you want to look SMOKIN' hot.  First of all: WORK IT LADY!

Second of all: Having a LBD (little black dress) in your closet is always a good idea.

For wedding season though, I find black a bit drab, that's why I included the Little Blue Dress! Grab a dress that makes you feel fantastic! Even if it's not the shape you thought you wanted, if you feel good in a dress, you're going to look good and be confident. That way, when you walk in all super-hot and your ex-man sees you, you'll be all, What? This old thing? I've had it forever. 

And that my friends, always makes for a good night.

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