Here Ye! Here Ye! Nail Polish is...Back?

Has anyone noticed the massive amount of nail products flooding the market lately? And I'm not just talking about new colors, but new lines of nail polish. Remember the days of yore when O.P.I. and Sally Hansen has the market on nail polish.

Wait, wait, wait....BonBons? I remember I had to have those things in junior high.

Anyways, the other day I was browsing my favorite beauty blogs and couldn't help but notice all of the nail polish reviews that were out there! So, I did what any beauty obsessed chica would do and bookmarked the crap out of these new lines. My plan is to go back and try them one by one and see how they are.

Currently, I have tons of O.P.I nail polish because of a little guilty pleasure I like to call "Naughty Nail Polish". If a nail polish name seems a little dirty, I'm probably going to buy it, regardless of the color or brand. O.P.I has some pretty amazing color names, and at times they get a little questionable. On my nails right now, "Kiss Me on my Tulips" which is part of the Holland Collection circa 2013. Not sure what's funny about that? Say it out loud and think dirty...

There ya go....


I will not be including any O.P.I nail polishes but maybe a few Essie, because, le sigh, Essie is amazing.

So, in the coming weeks, look for a post with a bunch of new nail polish lines that I've found. I've already got a Limited Edition MAC polish coming that I'm going to be reviewing and will be ordering a few more shortly! Here's what I've got on the docket so far...


*NailINC is not a new line, however, they've recently gone through a relaunch and I've heard nothing but awesome about it.

What are some of your favorite nail polishes? Got a new one you'd like me to review? Leave a comment below!

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