Mother's Day Brunch: Mmmmm, Mimosa's!

See? I told you that you'd see another Mother's Day post before too long!

This is the grand kick off of an excellent adventure with my fabulously fashion-forward cousin Meg with! Periodically, we'll be putting together joint posts in which I do the make up and she does the fashion (we're going to leave hair out of this, for now...) for specific events in which we ladies find ourselves (good, bad, or otherwise).

Wondering what the bad could be?

Look for a family reunion post eventually...

Anyways, Meg has put together an AMAZING outfit for this occasion using a mixture of local-to-her boutiques (her favorite: PRIMP) and larger stores like DSW. I absolutely love this look and had a blast coming up with a make up to match!


Visit and check out what Meg has in store for the perfect Mother's Day Brunch outfit!


For my part, I've put together a palette that I'm currently obsessed with. Obsessed. The peachy tones are all the rage this season and I just can't stand it (in a good way)! So let's get to it.


  • PRIME Using the applicator stick, apply the primer by dotting primer both under your eyes and on your lids. Blend using your fingertips.
  • CONCEAL Using your fingertips or the applicator attached; apply concealer beneath your eyes and to any areas that may need a little more love. Again, blend in using your fingertips.
  • SET IT UP TO WIN With a foundation brush (or a large powder brush) apply foundation all over your face and eye lids. Don’t forget your neck for blending purposes.
  • APPLY Using the stick, apply the  solid color of the eye shadow all over your lid and into the crease.
  • ADD This is going to be personal preference, but I don’t generally like a lot of glitter all over my eyes. So, using the brush provided, I applied a single line of glitter on my lid, right along the lash line.
  • LINE Using care, add a thin line of eyeliner along the lash line and out into the corner of your eye. Repeat this same step along the lower lash line. Remember, less is more with this eye liner. Using the very tip of your liner, fill in the corner of your lash and wing it out for a gentle cat eye.
  • APPLY Using mascara of your choosing, or the one I’ve recommended, apply a generous layer of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
  • HIGHLIGHT Apply highlighter right above the apples of your cheekbones and blend in with your fingertips. I also apply a small amount to the bridge of my nose.
  • ROUGE Using an angled powder or blusher brush, apply blush directly to the apples of your cheeks. Be sure to blend it out.
  • POWDER Using a large powder brush, apply powder to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. I also like to brush the down my neck to blend it in a bit.
  • SET Use the finishing spray to set your makeup!

You're done and YOU LOOK STUNNING! 

Happy Mother's Day (a bit early).

PS I drew a bit of inspiration from TheBeautyDepartment's "Peachy Keen" make up inspiration here.

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