Mother's Day Gift Guide: DIY Edition

With Mother's Day basically a month away, it's time to start thinking about what to get the one who started it all.  In keeping with the DIY theme as of late, I thought it'd be fun to pick out some of my favorite DIY gifts that you can give to Mom this Mother's Day!

Easy123Art is by far one of the coolest services around. Remember paint by numbers? I do, and I loved them. Easy123Art takes a photo you send them and converts it to paint by numbers! You can choose from easy - difficult and for a generally reasonable price paint until your hearts content. Any mother would be tickled to death to get a photo of you and her, or you and your siblings painted.  

The Monogrammed Jewelry Dish is a great touch to any vanity. If your mother is anything like mother, she's got pieces of jewelry stashed everywhere! This would be a great way for her to pull out some of those old pieces and remember to wear them! 

Neon may not be your mom's thing, but if it is, this tutorial for hand made earrings is awesome! I'm not sure I've gushed recently about but I love her so much. And her little DIY's too!

The number four item is from and it's adorbs and really inexpensive! Maybe spruce up the gift a bit by cooking dinner as well!

Cross Stitch has had a recent resurgence in my life. It's so meditative and very rewarding. Stitching up something like number five for your mom will be a treasured gift indeed!


A few of my DIY ideas for mother's day. What have you done in the past? Any fun DIY's to share?

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