Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks (Yes, Please!)

I remember reading about Revlon's Colorstay Shadowlink's on one of my favorite blogs (The Small Things Blog) a while ago and I've always checked the Revlon section of whatever store I found myself to see if they were there.

They never were.

Until today. (Or last Thursday when I wrote this post).

In the middle of my work day, I had to run to the nearest CVS Pharmacy because an old war injury (not really) started flaring up after a particularly ambitious round of golf (also known as I shot like poop and got mad). As I was walking to the sport wraps, I noticed a pretty decent sized Revlon section. Expecting yet another disappointment, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually had the Shadowlinks!

I promptly bought three and put them together for a fun mini-palette.

Colors: Khaki (Pearl) 210 | Blush (Matte) 040 | Lilac (Pearl) 090

I love these things.

Love them.

Not only are they a great price and great size, but they clip together all cute like!

I imagine that these little mini-palettes will come in major handy the next time I travel for a wedding or event that will require a plane ticket. As a frequent traveler, compacting my make up into a carry-on is essential so having something that is customizable and smaller than my MAC Pro Palette will be great for the weekend jaunts!

You'll probably see these swatched in another upcoming post, but for now, just know that not only are they great colors, but the pearls have just enough shimmer to catch in the light, while the matte is really a true matte (I hate it when you get a matte, that says matte, and then you put it on and you're like, wait, this is matte? No bueno.)

Anyways, when you get a chance, head out to your local CVS (or Ulta?) and pick up a few of these! I'd love to see the palette's you create! Make sure you share them here, or tweet me #shesleaninginblog!

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