why I wish I could wear black always

Recently, I wore an all black outfit to work and it was hands down, the best hair-day/shoe-day/outfit-day I've had in a while. And what's even cooler is that I knew that it was going to be the best day ever as soon as I put on my outfit!

It was classy!

It was simple!

It was BLACK!

Above you'll find some inspiration of awesome black outfits for everyday. Not just work, but out to dinner or a cocktail party, as well just every day wear. 

Coming from the design side things, black is the ultimate contrast color. This means you can wear something like a floral scarf with it one day and then an awesome necklace the next! If you want to dress it up you can add a blazer in varying colors and patterns as well!

If I could, I'd wear all black, all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love me some color. But black is just so classy and lovely and wearable!


SIDE NOTE: On a side note, I'm going to publishing a new post a bit more frequently! You'll always see a post from me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I'm going to begin posting on Tuesday/Thursday and even the weekend! Bare with me while I get into the new groove, but be excited since you'll be seeing more of what I love!

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