Beachin' It!

Day at the Beach

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It's here! It's here! Beach time is here!

I love the beach so much.

I really do.

Sadly, I only go maybe four or five times a year. I live approximately 25 miles from where the US ends and I only get there a handful of times. 

It's a travesty.

This year, I'm committing to getting to the beach more often and in doing so I've decided that I need a few items. Namely, a beach bag, full of goodies....and one of those wine sippy cups.

Growing up in Minnesota we went to the lake for beach days and we only brought towels. Beach towels, which were a little bit bigger than a bath towel, but not enough to keep you from getting sand in places you didn't appreciate. Since moving to SoCal, I've been introduced to the beach blanket and this one from J.Crew is not only stylish, but it's a decent size as well. While perusing the beach blankets, I stumbled across the ridiculously cute beach fan and decided I needed one of those as well.

A beach bag is essential and I love the one from Tommy Bahama featured above. It's a great size, has a pocket for your cellphone and is open inside. Great for putting your goodies in.

As for clothing, obviously, minimal is preferred however, having a good coverup and good shoes are always a good idea. Unlike most people (I think?) I do not prefer flip flops for the beach, but rather a good pair of slip-ons like the ones from Roxy pictured above. The Billabong coverup is totally adorable and offers a little extra protection from the sun.

Speaking of protection from the sun (see what I did there?) I'm in love with SunBum products and their spray on sun screen and coconut flavored lip balm live with me always. Although I do need to replace the sunscreen still...writes note in planner to buy some...

I forgot to mention that when planning a trip to the beach, one obviously needs sunglasses and it's always a good idea to have a hat in case your head gets a little hot. Burning your scalp and finding out the next morning is never fun. I'm a Fossil watch and sunglasses addict, so naturally, getting a new pair of aviators from Fossil is in the cards for me. I couldn't decide which hat to feature here, so I featured both the Panama hat from Accessorize as well as the Lurex Braid Floppy Hat. Both are fab, both are hats, and both will be mine.

And finally, after you've taken your dip in the ocean, or maybe the lake depending on where you are, you'll need to do something with your hair. Wait, wait, wait, isn't the whole "beach wave" thing what everyone wants right now? Yes it is. However, you want a beach wave that's a beach wave and not a beach tsunami, so bring with a brush and some tousling spray just in case. The "Squirt" from The Wet Brush and the Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves spray are good additions to any beach bag.

And that's it! That's what I'll be packing in my bag! What are some things you'll be packing? Leave me a comment below to discuss!

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