Birchbox Man for May!

As you may remember in this post my husband recently signed up for Birchbox Man. ::rolls eyes:: OK! I signed him up for it!


Anyways, he just got his first box, and overall it was a success!

Birchbox Man: May

face wash, clay mask, after shave, candle, shave formula

Before I start telling you all of Brian's reviews, I should tell you that Brian is not a clay mask all. So much so that I couldn't get him to try it. He just kind of looked at it like it was some sort of alien being and was like, uhhhhhhh.

And that's totally cool, but just as a disclaimer, know that he didn't try it so I'm going to skip over that product. There are a ton of awesome reviews on so if you or your man are searching for a clay mask, give it a try! Let me know what you think!

All right, let's get to this.

As you've probably deduced, Baxter of California curated this Birchbox and I've gotta say, as a wife, I'm kind of happy they did. I find that sometimes guys, or at least my guy, can neglect his skin even though it's screaming for a better shaving cream or moisturizer. It was to nice to see him sample some stuff.

Overall, Brian liked the box. He was not overly impressed with the Face Wash. His first response was "Meh" and it really didn't change. It was a face wash but didn't do any amazing tricks.

The candle was an instant hit. Brian is not ashamed to admit that he loves a good candle so when he opened the box the first thing he went for was the Surfrider Candle which was actually made to benefit Baxter of California's foundation. It's got a very fresh scent and we've been burning it for about a week now. I really like it.

Where it really got exciting for Brain was the Super Close Shave Formula and the After Shave Balm. He really liked the tingly feeling of the shave formula and it left his face free of the dreaded razor burn. The after shave balm went on well as well. I don't exactly know if he wants to purchase these, but I do know that he really liked the shaving cream. Ladies, this might be a good stocking stuffer come holiday season!

And that's it! Like I said, he liked it pretty well. Definitely wasn't blown away by the face wash, but I think we might end up with a few Baxter products in our house permanently.

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