Colors for a Better Life feat. Patricia Leitao Part 1

Nearly a month ago, (maybe longer, maybe shorter) I received an awesome email Patricia Leitao asking if she could guest-blog.

I. Was. Ecstatic.

Patricia is a writer for which I had never heard of until Patricia contacted me. After spending many, many hours, perusing their website, I've decided that I'm a little in love with it. Essentially, has ideas and suggestions for remodeling any part of your home.

Seriously, even the garage.

The would-be home remodeler can check out the ideas, and then when you're ready you have the option of contacting them for further assistance and to get hooked up with legit design professionals and/or general contractors to get your project underway. I really like the no-nonsense, no harsh sales pitch feel of the website. They make it very easy to spend the aforementioned hours surfing through their photos, ideas, and articles.

For this blog, Patricia and I decided to focus on color and the importance of color in your daily life, fashion, and design. It's going to be in a few parts, so make sure you tune in the couple of days for more!

Without further adieu, I bring you....


written by: Patricia Leitao

We’re all surrounded by colors everyday. It’s on our clothes, make up, art, the sky, street signs, everywhere we go. What sometimes we don’t realize it’s how much those colors affect our life and routine. Check the basic sensations and effects of colors so you can make any changes you need to improve your life. Maybe you feel kinda down when you’re in living room because there’s green or blue on the walls and it gets your energy low, or maybe the bright red walls in your kitchen make your very agitated and anxious. Use colors to make your home even more beautiful and your lifestyle better.

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The most essential way to be able to use colors in your favor is knowing when to use cold or warm colors.

Cold colors include blue, green, purple. More used for a calming and relaxing effect.

Warm colors include yellow, pink, red, orange and combinations of them, like and earthy brown. It tends to make you think of heat and sun, being more intimate and comfortable.

Neutrals are white, grey, black (absence of light). Great to combine with more energetic colors.



Warm color.

Positive: energy, warmth, excitement, courage, strength, passion.

Negative: Avoid if you’re aggressive or too anxious.

Red is the go-to color for anytime you’re feeling very passionate or romantic, or if you want to put yourself or the room in romance mood;
Definitely a color for the bold and brave, since when wearing red there’s no way to pass by without being noticed;
This color also gives the look of royalty, richness and power, think Russian empire and Nero;
Use red whenever you want energy and fire.

Best Use: stimulating and energizing; Increasing appetite, if used in kitchen areas; Adding passion and improving mood.


Warm color.

Positive: Love, affection, flirting, communication, nurture.
Best Use: adding femininity and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

There’s a reason for the pink being girly cliche: it’s a warm color that makes you feel more comfortable and tender, often putting you in touch with romance and love.
Various ways to add pink in your life are worth it. If you’re feeling a little down and not feminine, add some pink flowers on your table and also the bathroom. The essence of pink is putting that centel of flirt around you. Start small if you’re not comfortable with putting a pink dress or curtains in your room, maybe add some pillows and put a pink lipstick, or carry a pink umbrella on the rain the next time.



Cold color.

Positive: peace, calm, authority, intuition, structure, communication.
Negative: avoid excess of blue if you’re feeling a little depressed, lonely or isolated.
Best use: Stimulating clear thoughts and intuition with strong blues; Ultimate serenity and relaxation with soft blues; Creating an atmosphere of meditation; Decreasing appetite when used in the kitchen;
Cooling off a room that has too much sun and heat.

Blue is by far the dreamiest color: it’s present in the soothing water, the magical sky, luxurious fabrics, beautiful wild life...Blue is heaven.
However, keep cautious on the amount of blue and where you’re using it, or it might get you too relaxed, even to the point of being a little sad. So if you’re feeling down lately, it’s time to fill the house with fresh flowers, colorful pillows and a lot of light (for an easy fix, go for yellow and pink for instant boost of energy).
But if you’re an agitated person, blue will be the best tool to calm down and be able to study or sleep better.


Hi! Welcome back!

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Patricia did such a good job. 

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 including:
Purple, Yellow, White, and a few more!

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