Colors for a Better Life: Part 2!

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Cold color.

Positive: luxury, mystery, royalty, power, style.
Best use: creating a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere.

For an exotic and intriguing look, go any shade of purple. A touch of this color can be so dreamy and mysterious that you will want to add it around the house. Go small with some decor touches, pillows and candles, or bold with a couch or flowy drapes.



Warm color.
Positive: Confidence, self-esteem, creativity, concentration, productivity, uplifting.
Best use: Inspiring creativity and energy;
Improving focus and helping you to stay awake on a study room;
Creating enthusiasm and giving energy

Possibly the best color for instant energy. It’s an automatic boost in mood and when on the house, it brightens all the atmosphere and makes it more inviting. For fashion, yellow jewelry, shoes or even clothing says “I’m here”. If you’re usually more comfortable with neutral colors, try anything yellow one day and see how your whole attitude will be more energetic and confident. Definitely a color to stand out in a crowd.



Cold color.
Positive: refreshment, balance, harmony, nature, security, restoration.
Best use: searching for new directions;
In need of a restoration and healing;
Easing the tension and regenerating your body;
Feeling grounded and balanced.

For a distinct look, go for green. Think sexy Jennifer Lopez or classic Angelina Jolie in their gorgeous green dresses. It’s very daring, but the risk is worth. This color carries a lot of harmony, makes you feel more restored health-wise, and it’s fresh and vibrant. On the house it can give that vibe of nature and life.



Neutral color.
Positive: clean, open, purity, clarity, simplicity, sophistication.
Best use: refreshing your home;
Creating a quiet and pure effect;
Maximizing a space.

White is possibly one of the most versatile choices, it can be super soft and dreamy with a delicate summer dress, or powerful with a structured work dress and stilettos. On the house, white serves as a clean palette when applied to the walls, since it draws attention to the furniture and decoration. Some might think that this is more to the safe side, but actually white can be very stylish. When the color is soft, you can go crazy on the shape and design of the furniture without being excessive (as it would be in colors). When in doubt, go white. This is especially amazing for people that get bored easily. Having a good quality white couch will allow you to change the pillows for whatever color you feel like on that day. It’s like adding differently jewelry to that timeless white shirt.



Cold color.
Positive: creativity, immune system, healer, peace, communication.
Best use: bringing up your creative side with any form of art;
Helping with healing the body, allergies, immune system;
Putting you in touch with spirituality and inner peace.

Possibly one of the freshest and more relaxed colors. It’s perfect for the summer because it’s delicate and reminds you of water and other natural elements. Having pieces in these colors in the house sets up an atmosphere of lightness and creativity.



Works as a neutral. Black is the absence of light.
Positive: elegant, bold, chic, sophisticated, glamorous.
Negative: may be cold and quite heavy, especially in excess.
Best use: promoting sophistication, excellence and sharp-minded thinking;
Highlighting certain areas of the room;
Creative protective barriers, for it absorbs the negative energy coming your way.

There’s a reason black is the most classic color. It’s versatile, instant chic and goes with all colors and all styles. The only downside of black is appearing a little heavy when it’s a full black outfit, or a full black decoration of a room. Black always has that aura of mystery, glamour and elegance. It’s strong all the way and bold to the bone. Try to mix some colors with black from time to time, which can still be powerful, but a little lighter and happier.



Cold color.

Positive: serenity, tranquility, healing, spirituality, vision.
Negative: avoid if you’re feeling too introverted or isolated.

Best: setting up the perfect meditation environment.
Making you more aware of spirituality and promoting clear thinking.

Beautiful and airy lilac. Whether on a sundress, light curtains, soft fabrics, it can be very delicate and feminine, without being overpowering. It’s all about serenity, about having time for yourself and treasuring your health and spirituality. If you feel you’re losing touch with yourself, get some lilac candles, pillows, and meditate or just relax and read a book.




Positive: chic, sophisticated, psychologically neutral.
Negative: can cause lack of energy and confidence.

Best use: suppressing an excessive mood, since there’s no crucial psychological characteristics to it;
Design use, bringing the attention to the rest of the room.

Color of pavement, the moon, metal...Grey is sophisticated but can be heavy. Add touches of grey to rooms if you’re looking for a neutral, or touches of metal for a chic and industrial vibe. On clothes, grey is always very professional and serious. Use it wisely and experiment with quirky colors combined to make it more fun.



Neutral color. It’s a mix of different colors and shades.

Positive: comforting, natural, security, stability, support.
Negative: can get heavy, depending on the use and excess.

Best use: creating a more charming and comforting environment;
Having a more natural atmosphere, going away from the over artificial.

Brown is the main color for that natural look on interior design and also fashion. Works as a neutral and combined with gold, white, it creates the perfect combo. For those who wear black all the time during Winter, brown would be the equivalent, but for the Summer. It’s still classy and neutral, but more sun-friendly. Use and abuse of brown, especially in natural ways, like wood and copper.



Warm color.
Positive: fun, joyful, creative, abundance, comfort, vibrant, ambition.
Negative: may cause restlessness.

Best use: when you wanna have fun and stimulation for sports, dance and art;
Healing the emotional side;
Promoting creativity and awakening of new ideas, “outside the box” thinking.

Vibrant and fiery! This is orange for fashion and design. A bright orange is 100% energy and that transfer not only to you but those around you and your entire house. It stimulates you and makes you want to move and be active.


Whew! That was a lot! I hope you all enjoyed my little mini-series. I'd love to know which colors your found most inspiring! Leave a comment below to discuss.

Check back again tomorrow for a post that gives you a sneak peak into my beach bag this season!

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