Friday Faves/H54F #3

Whew! Another week is gone already! That's crazy! It's time to reflect and think about my favorites of the week.


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You might be asking yourself, hmmm, I wonder what department store that is? KOHL'S PEOPLE. That's Kohl's! This week, Brian (the husband) and I stopped in to get him some new shirts. While I usually help him navigate the massively overstuffed racks, this time, I was all "Go, go...I'll be here..." Kohl's now has, in no particular order: Lorac, Bliss, freakin' Real Techniques brushes, theBalm, Cargo....and that's what I can think of right now, but seriously, seriously.


Chromegirl Nail Naquer in 'Barely Legal'

I'm sure if you've been around the beauty seen lately, you've notice the sheer obsession with pastel nail polishes taking the world by storm. Last week, I got a bug up my behind to go out and find a good pastel blue, and find I did! Love this polish! It covers in two coats and lasts for a very long time without chipping! Even on my crazy dry nail beds!


Brad Paisley's "Crushin' It" Music Video

I remember my freshman year of college a friend of mine literally dragged me to a concert. And for a whopping $25 ticket, I got to see fresh off of American Idol Josh Gracin and this other guy I hadn't heard of Brad Paisley. It ended up being one of the greatest shows ever and I'm sure the country fans reading this will audibly gasp when I say it was in a large gymnasium, and we were close enough to feel the heat from the stage lights. 
That my friends is a true story. And any time King George Strait gets dressed up as superman is pretty a-ok with me.

The only thing that would make this palette any better is if it was available in all matte. Currently the last two are only matte and whilst I love the shimmer, I would want another version is all matte. I do know they have another palette that's all matte, but I'm not sure about it.  

ANYWAYS, this palette is so versatile that I've been able to wear a different combination all week and that's pretty cool.


Women's Health Magazine

I really can't remember the last time I picked up a Women's Health magazine, but I did last week and really enjoyed the articles.  I've since began reading some past issues and am really thinking about adding a subscription. It's got a lot about beauty in it, as well as some great healthy tid-bits as well.


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Thanks for joining me today! What are some of your favorites from this week? Leave a comment below to discuss!

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