Memorial Day Picnic

Happy Memorial Day!!

I know that most of you (in the US) will be out having a picnic and enjoying some family time today and I hope you have a great time! Soak up that sun! However, please remember to take a moment and give thanks to all of our military personnel and send up a prayer to those who veterans who have passed on. Not only are some of my favorite people on this Earth military, and their continuing fight for freedom is the only reason I am able to sit on my couch and blog to you today. So, thank you to all of my Military friends, family, and readers! You guys and gals make this country great. 

So, back to picnics.

Memorial Day Picnic

scarf, picnic basket, shorts, sunglasses, shirt, sandals

I think the theme of this particular look is "Patriotically Relaxed". If you're going to be attending a picnic, I think the main goal is to relax, have fun, and enjoy the company you're with and that's what this collection is.

I myself have never owned a picnic basket, but after finding this one from Target, I kind of think it might be something I add to my collection. The fact that it's got plates, glasses and utensils already in it, is pretty snazzy.

Dressing up for a picnic should be a relatively comfy thing. I'm absolutely loving the wayfarer style of sunglasses lately. I know they've been around forever, however, lately, I'm really feeling the love. Doing a blue frame like the Ray-Bans shown above would be a good way to keep the mood light, and tie together with your already awesome scarf. The rest of the outfit is a pretty basic thing. A nice white shirt, paired with shorts, and sandals is kind of a classic summer look.

You really can't go wrong.

Ha! Random memory: I remember as a kid, Memorial Day would mark the day the beaches opened on the lakes around town. If we were brave enough, we would go down to the beach and take a dip. The lakes were usually horribly cold and it became more of a "it's summer, AAAAGGGGGG! So cold! So cold!" kind of dip.

What kind of memories do you have of Memorial Day? I'd love to hear some.

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