Mother's Day Gift Guide: Jewelry Shopping on Etsy

Mother's Day is getting closer and closer and closer! It's time to find the present for the lady. You guys really loved my Mother's Day Gift Guide: DIY Edition post in Mid-April so I thought cater something for the non-DIYer or the DIYer-With-No-Time-er.

If you're anything like me, you don't want to go to the nearest store and find something off the rack for mom. You want something special, unique, and meaningful...and most importantly something she'll actually use or wear.

I really believe you can never go wrong with a good piece of jewelry for Mom, and to give you some ideas, I've collected some of my favorite pieces from my favorite Etsy sellers.

Etsy is a super-duper place to do basically any type of shopping. Clothing, craft supplies, jewelry, antiques....the possibilities are basically endless. Lately, most of my jewelry comes from Etsy sellers however, finding a good piece for Mother's Day might be difficult being that there are tons and tons of jewelry makers there.

The Double-Pearl Earring by ExperiementalJewels is really a piece that Mom can wear every where. Whether it's to a formal affair or just to work, that particular earring set is one of the most versatile I've seen.

I find that having tasteful dangle earrings can make or break your entire look and the same goes for Mom.  As for style, I'm an entire juxtaposition when it comes to dangle earrings. I either like very naturalistic and feminine, or hard geometric lines. Nothing in between. The naturalistic dangles are from ElizabethAshlie and the geometric are from TheDottedPoppy (who based on my vast knowledge of all things, is her mother....I think.).

Finally, I'm a total sucker for personalized jewelry. We all remember the Carrie necklace that started it all (click here for a refresher), but my hope is that we've moved on from the chunky gold lettering to something a little more subtle. TrendyRings horoscope rings and eleaJewelry's minimalist birthstone bracelet present a much less hi-my-name-is approach to personalized jewelry.

Regardless of whether you're purchasing jewelry for your Mom, your Mother-In-Law, or your Gram, Etsy is a great resource for individualized, authentic, and new jewelry options.

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