Skirts: A Love Affair

Don't even get me started about the skirts this season. Seriously, the best.shapes.ever.

Now, coming from Minnesota, typically, I'd be a jeans and shirt kinda gal, however, since moving to Southern California, there is no way I would ever be able to survive in jeans or pants all the time. 

Living here during the summer is like living on the sun. Zillions of degrees and no moisture. 

I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I wear skirts...a lot. And this season is no exception.

There are so many great skirts this season! I truly love most of them, but the one I'm having a major love-affair with is the Pentura Ball Skirt by Geisha Designs for Anthropologie. If you visit their website there's a large picture with this lovely lady sitting on the ground and I'm dying to own this sucker. It's gorgeous.

There are also a fair amount of midi-skirts on the market this season with varying prints, detailing, and textures. The Studio Floral Eyelet Midi Skirt by Eloquii is a great example of a use of texture while the It Had to Be Mew Skirt by Bea & Dot for ModCloth features a fantastical print. Who doesn't love kittens!? BTW, the stinkin' buttons on the side thing on the Circle Side Button Skirt by Eloquii is ridiculous (in a good way). I love the look.

I really love the Essential Elegance Skirt by ModCloth for it's shape. Not all skirts can really pull off a full-bodied look but I feel like this one does it well. There is no doubt in my mind that women of all shapes will be able to pull this one off.

I have a love-hate relationship with High-Low skirts but this Sequined Hibiscus Skirt by Tracy Reece for Anthrologie falls into the super-duper-hard-love category. My friends and fellow fashionistas, this is how to do a High-Low skirt right. Not too big, not too little, just right.

Finally, that lovely Rory Swing Skirt by Amadi for Anthropologie is hands down the coolest skirt I've seen in forever. You could wear that with a basic white tee for a day shopping or strolling Hollywood Boulevard (which I never do but it paints a pretty picture) or spice it up with a black tank and hot accessories. Love it.


this is the amount of times I used the word 'love' in today's post

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