Summer is Just Around the Corner!

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With summer just around the corner, I thought it was time to feature some of the brand new, hot-off-the-press summer outfits from my favorite store, Modcloth!

Modcloth Summer 2015

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Now, when I say brand new, I mean, that some of these literally just released today (well, the day I wrote this which was Thursday). I've got to hand it to them, they've really done it again. They Summer '15 collection is easy, stylish, and overall just lovely.

I'm just going to dive in head first here and bring up the fact that this post is a little shoe heavy. Out of 13 items, five of them are shoes and there's a large reason for that. Namely, because they're awesome. The Profess My Zest Sandal is a great sandal to wear with jeans, a skirt, leggings, shorts, your undies, whatever. I absolutely love the versatility. When I saw the Quiz Show Heel in Sunshine I immediately thought of wearing it with a vintage-ish style skirt like the Bugle Joy Skirt in Teal. That might be why that skirt ended up in this review....or it could be because #ILOVESKIRTS. 


Anyways, the Absolutely Afflated Heel in Navy and What a Doll Heel are slightly more dressy than what I normally go for with a summer heel, but these are just too cute to pass up. Especially the What a Doll Heel. I dare you to click that link and not start drooling over them. And last but certainly not least, we should talk about Santa Monica Sunset Sandals. Uh, 'ello there! You're just the perfect sandal aren't you? Yes you are. Yes they are. They're pink, yellow, and orange, and that's just the way they should be.

Moving on to clothing, as mentioned above the Bugle Joy Skirt is a vintage(ish) skirt that has all your bases covered. You could wear it with a nice shirt to dress it up, or a crop top/tee shirt to dress it down. Either way, you'll be stylin'. The next pieces I'd like to mention are the Bring Out the Zest Top and the Hold the Francophone Top. Both tops are just adorable and could be pretty versatile in their own way. I'm really feeling the Hold the Francophone Top with some striping leggings for a cooler day in the summer and the Bring Out the Zest Top for a lunch or happy hour on the balcony. The Along Those Shorelines Dress is absolutely gorgeous and I wish they made it in plus-size (hint hint Modcloth). If it was it would already be on it's way here and I'd be gushing about how it's coming to me and blah blah get it. Last but certainly not least for apparel is the Mimosas, Anyone? Romper. Meg from and I have been firing pictures of different styles of rompers back and forth for the last week or so. But this one? This one takes the cake. Again, not available in plus size (this is a not-so-subtle hint modcloth), but it's fabulous, and as the name imply's, I believe one should only wear this whilst drinking mimoas's.

And finally, I've included some of my favorite accessory pieces from this summers collection as well. As many of you know, my obsession with rose gold is really not going anywhere so it shouldn't be a surprise that you see the Amour the Way Bracelet in this collection of mine. The Room for a Dream? Mug is just a fancy-pants mug with constellations, and a positive message that everyone should get behind. The Lawn Your Marks Desk Organizer is actually something that will be making it's way to my desk along with the Rifle Paper Co Pink Floral Weekly Desktop Planner because I feel like I need a little pink, and a little cuteness on my desk at work. This is to remind me that there is life outside my office, and that includes flowers and grass.

That my friends is it! Those are my fave's from Modcloth's new line. 

See you soon and enjoy your Sunday!

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