A Store I Never Talk About But Should

I'm not sure why I've never talked about this store. Maybe it's because it sort of crosses over to my other-life (here) but it's really quite fabulous and deserves more talk than it gets.

Wool and the Gang

WOOL AND THE GANG is a UK-based, online shop featuring hand-made knit wear that can be customized to your liking, and (for us knitters out there) you can actually buy a kit to make it yourself. For the non-knitters, the ready-made pieces are very reasonable. Especially since you're able to customize the colors.  Above, you'll find a few of my favorite pieces in the shop right now and yes, my neutral is showing.

A lot of these pieces are summery-type pieces that would work nicely for autumn or even a lighter-winter (perhaps in SoCal?). The Lil' Indiana Joe vest is so on point for this seasons fringe lovers (here's look at you Meg). Plus, as an Indiana Jones freak, the play on words is not lost on me, and while I, myself, am not on the fringe wagon, I am for this vest. Probably cause of the name.

I've included a few long-sleeved items as well, because I'm of the persuasion that one should always have a few long-sleeved pieces in their summer wardrobe. There has been too many a time when I have been outside until the wee hours in the morning, wishing I wasn't wearing my boyfriends/husbands/dads/brothers inevitably stinky jacket from the back of their truck kicking myself for not bringing something long-sleeved. The Be My Baby long-sleeved wrap, the Vivienne Cardigan, and the Mind the Gap Sweater would be great additions to any summer wardrobe. Also, I want to take a minute to address the Quarter Back Dress. While WOOL AND THE GANG is calling thing a dress, ladies, I'm here to tell you that's a tunic. Put some leggings on underneath it. You're welcome.

Just a few jewelry pieces are featured here, but they have a ton available. All of which look quite easy (in case you want to try making one). I do feel socially obligated to let you know that the number ten piece is called the Khaleesi Bracelet. For those who aren't sure of the reference, Khaleesi is a character in Game of Thrones. If you're not sure what Game of Thrones is, I'm not sure I can help you. :-)

I've only talked about a couple of my featured items, however they all would be fantastic pieces to own. If you live in a place with winter, definitely check out their winter pieces. They've got some really beautiful items include a few tartan inspired pieces, which I'm completely obsessed with right now.

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