Decorating Your Kids Room with Disney Pixar Palettes

Decorating is hard! Especially the kids room. As a parent you want your kids to have the 'cool' room, but on the other hand, you don't want to have to redo the room every time your kid goes through another phase.

So, when I stumbled upon the Disney Pixar palettes and just about died! As a designer, anytime I can provide a client with a palette to choose from, it makes everyone's life so much easier. If you've ever tried to choose a paint color for a room, you know what I'm talking about. There's so many different versions of every color it's horridly overwhelming and that's why a palette is so clever, you can pick any colors from the palette for any purpose and it will all work.

I've chosen some of my favorite palettes from the Disney Pixar palette's and paired some accessories, as well as matched up (to the best of my ability) each color to a Behr paint color, which you can find readily available at The Home Depot.



one, two

A:  Sombrero Tan [220F-4]
B:  Applesauce Cake [260F-5]
C:  Farmhouse Red [170D-7]
D:  Midieval Forest [460F-6]
E:  Navy Blue [S-H580]

J'ADORE PARIS [ratatouille]

J'Adore Paris [rataouille]

A:  Birthday Candle [100C-3]
B:  Mineral Red [180D-6]
C:  Night Shade [740F-7]

D:  Regatta Bay [550F-6]

E:  Peruvian Violet [660F-6]


Adventure is Out There! [up]

one, two

A:  Azurean [530B-5]
B:  Fog [580A-1]
C:  Ceramic Glaze [240D-4]

D:  Dark Granite [780F-6]

E:  Mesmerize [590F-6]

JUST KEEP SWIMMING [finding nemo]

JUST KEEP SWIMMING [finding nemo]

one, two, three

A:  Pale Berry [150D-4]
B:  Cerulean [560B-7]
C:  Ocean Tropic [560B-5]

D:  Americana [570D-5]

E:  Nocturnal Sea [570D-7]

KA-CHOW [cars]

A:  Rosy Tan [130E-3] 
B:  Zinfandel [660D-6] 
C:  Dragon Fruit [130B-6] 
D:  Cranberry Whip [160D-7] 
E:  Nevada Sky [520A-3]

WAZOWSKI! [monsters inc]

WAZOWSKI! [monsters inc.]

one, two

A:  Marsh Fern [420D-4]
B:  Serene Sky [540C-2]
C:  Light Azure [DE5842]*

D:  Suntan Glow [230F-5]

E:  Melted Chocolate [250F-7]

*This is a Dunn Edwards color, not a Behr color. The fandeck I'm using is about 7 years, and while it's still current, there are several new colors Behr has come out with and they might now have this color, but as of today, I do not have access to that color, so, it doesn't exist in my world. But, if you decide you'd like to use that color, any Home Depot associate can color match a Dunn Edwards color.


Remember, all Behr Paint Equivalents are chosen to the best of my ability. Please make sure that you check the colors in your home prior to painting by using paint chips or a pint-sized sample. A Behr Paints and Stains fandeck was used to select colors. I have zero affiliation with Pixar/Disney/Behr, I just thought it would be fun to play with color :-)

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