Disappointing Products

I've been on a makeup trying bender lately and while I've liked a lot of products I've got a few products that are shockingly disappointing.

I was really surprised that I didn't like the NYX HD Blush in 'Beach Babe'. I mean like, really surprised. I tried it in the store, loved it, bought it, took it home, and that's where it all fell apart. Literally. Like it literally fell apart. One swish of an angled powder blush and I had more product on my shirt than on the brush or face. Not only that, it went on like the makeup I remember playing with as a child. Think like, the stuff that came with Make-Up Barbie or whatever. I know that NYX isn't a super high-end brand, but I would definitely expect better than this from them. The same day, I did buy the NYX Baked Blush in 'Spanish Rose' and I like that much better.

It wasn't as surprising that I didn't care for the L'Oreal Infallible 24Hr Foundation and here's why: After this foundation blowing up on the blog scene I had seen a ton of reviews of it where people either loved it or hated it. I myself, am not a fan. It didn't sit well on my skin, and for what's it's worth, was way too full coverage for me. I know a lot of women with dryer skin live by this stuff, so I would recommend if you have dryer skin to try it out. If you have oily or combination skin, I would skip this and go straight to the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder (this will be in my first ever favorites video which is coming up soon!)

As part of my Nail Polish Renaissance Tour, which I talked about here, I've been trying out a lot of new polishes. These two were by far the most disappointing. The Isabel and Ruben Toledo Studio Nail Lacquer may have just been a bad batch, but it bubbled and chipped off my nails immediately. No bueno. Unforunately, I think the Philly Loves Lacquer is just the way it's formulated. This is an indie brand of nail polish that I received in my DottieBox in April. I think the color I received may be part of their 'Pregnancy/Infant Loss & Infertility Awareness Collab' with love, Angeline which I 100% support, and I'm so happy they are supporting a great cause. However, the formula just wasn't what I hope it would be.

Finally, I'm in the process of formally divorcing myself from all Revlon Cosmetics except for their new Ultra HD Lipstick which I love. I've mentioned in the past couple week about having an allergic reaction to eyeshadows? It's all been Revlon. Even the ShadowLinks which I gushed about here have been causing my skin to react negatively. I've tried some of their nail polish, mascara, and foundation and none of it suites me. It bums me out to eliminate nearly an entire line of products, but when the formulation just doesn't agree with you, what can you do?

I don't know if I'll do another disappointing products review. I feel like it's pretty negative, but at the same time, I think it's important to write about the things that I didn't like, as well as the things I loved. What do you think? Would you like to see more of these?

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