Friday Faves/H54F No. 6

Hello and welcome to another Friday Faves / High Five For Friday!

This week when I started to make out my list of my five favorite items, all of them were beauty items, and I don't want to do any beauty favorites right now because I'm trying desperately to film a beauty favorites video, and post a few full reviews of my favorite products. So, instead, I'm going to feature my Top 5 Blogs!

These are the blogs that I check everyday, no matter what. I love reading them so much. They're just fantastic. These are listed out in no particular order.


Big shout out to Katie w/Cup of Tea! Not only does she help/run these H54F's but she's pretty awesome. Love love love checking in during the week to see what she's up to and looking at her Menu Monday's always gives me inspiration for meals I'll never make. :-)


This is the blog that I read and "Man, I wish I could do what she does." For serious, not only is she like super chill in front of the camera, but she manages to do the coolest things....always. Plus she lives in London, and I swear, one day I'm going to magically move there and be all, "Oops!" When Brian walks out of the house and notices traffic on the wrong side of the street. I haven't really figured out how to best accomplish this yet, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know.


I don't remember how I stumbled upon Vivianna Does Makeup but I'm really glad that I did. Anna is actually good friends with Lily Pebbles and they do fun Beauty Chats, Q&A's, and I'm pretty sure that I'll need to attend the next Beauty Chat Live in Los Angeles (hint hint ladies). Anyways, she just has this uber fun, and lighthearted way of filming/blogging that's entirely addictive. And after trying the much raved about MAC 217 brush, I know now, that Anna is right about all things. Seriously, the best brush ever.


Please. Like this wouldn't be on the list. You guys, Meg and I were born 2 days apart. In the same year. Like we're the same person but totally different. Anyways, if you haven't checked out yet, you really should. Not only does Meg always look fabulous (family secret: she always has...even as a pink spandex shorts) but her Monday Rounds Ups are definitely not to be missed. Lots 'o fun to be hand in the great state of the north: Minnesota.


Omg. This Blog. This Blog. Sarah is hilarious and not only is she totally a beauty maven, but she's also very fun to read and watch. I love love love her 'inspired' make up tutorials. Recently, she did one on Betty Draper (from Mad Men) and it was so damn cute. If you ever need a good laugh, along with some great beauty recommendations, look her up.


Daft Punk by Pentatonix

This is acapella guys and gals. Acapella.



Thanks for joining me today! What are some of your favorites from this week? Leave a comment below to discuss!

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