Friday Faves/H54F No. 8

Sorry about last week loves. It was just a crazy, crazy week. So, my favorites might be a little strange this week, but ultimately, it's a reflection of last weeks mishaps.  Here goes...


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Air Conditioning 

Hello, meet Cletus, my new air conditioner condenser. Yes, I name inanimate objects, but really, only the ones that mean a lot to me. Prior to last week, our condenser didn't have a name...I realize now that was a grave mistake. I should have shown him/her more respect because when you live in the desert and the air conditioning goes out, things get real sweaty...real fast. Because God has a great sense of humor, I decided (for the first time in about a year) I was going to mow the non-grass we have in our backyard. I say non-grass because in California, we're running out of water, so Brian and I do our part by not watering our lawn. This means that we have dead grass and a few desert weeds. Well, as I was mowing, I hit a piece of metal (buried in the dirt) and it shot out and punctured the coil in our air conditioning condenser. See the humor in that? I did, almost immediately. I heard the mad pssst of Freon escaping from the coil, looked up and thought, yep, I probably deserved it. Well played, God.


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WiFi routers

Hello, meet Sandra, our new WiFi router. Brian dumped a full glass of water on our router 3 days prior to the air conditioner incident. After 3 days without the internet, when our new router arrived, she was called Sandra.


Drew Lynch

This guy is amazing. If you haven't seen this video on Facebook yet, you need to. Drew Lynch, if you read this, the HIGHEST OF FIVES to you. Good on ya!


Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammar

This video is amazing. And really, it's my favorite song this year. Big up to the married folks!


Green Day inducted in the Hall of Fame

 I was sitting on the couch and then my lovely husband turned on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. I was estatic when I found out that Green Day was being inducted. #BESTTHINGEVER This prompted a complete listening of all Green Day's albums (except for Uno, Dos, Tre) in their entirety and the creation of my favorite Green Day songs. Love this playlist.


Thanks for joining me today! What are some of your favorites from this week? Leave a comment below to discuss!

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