Making Up Target

Recently, I was in the Beauty section at Target and overheard 3 different pairs of women trying to figure out what to buy. One was looking for an eyeliner and mascara, one was looking for blush, and the others were just kind of staring at the displays hoping the best product would jump into their carts.

Don't worry ladies, I've been there.

There's roughly four aisles of nothing but beauty at Target and how the heck are you supposed to find the best products? I still get overwhelmed. Me! The Beauty obsessed, still can get overwhelmed at Target. So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you my one-of-anything recommendation for beauty products at Target.

Ready? Here we go...

Making Up Target

one, two, three, four, five
six, seven, eight, nine, ten

All right, a few of these are definite repeats because, well, they're just that good. But to get started, we're going to start with concealer. The Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the shade Brightener was my main concealer to use until I met the Urban Decay Weightless Full Coverage Concealer but that's for a different post. This concealer is fantastic for both under eye as well as for any spots you may want to cover up. For foundation the obvious choice is the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. [Side note: For some reason only has one shade listed, there are more in store.] This stuff is really magic, the only flaw is the packaging. Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty full coverage concealer. Ok, maybe a little more medium than full, but it wears like a dream. So light, so fresh, so lovely. Oh! One thing I didn't include was an eye shadow primer. Prior to stepping up my game a little, I used to use the E.L.F Eye shadow Primer. I would say this ranks at about a 6.5 for a eyeshadow primer. I found that it was a bit too thin for my liking, but it did the job.

Now for the good stuff, or at least my favorite stuff. The 'The Nudes' Palette by Maybelline is hands down the best palette you can get at the drug store. Every single color can be mixed, blended, or combined for a fantastic look. Rimmel's ScandalEyes Eyeliner [links to Ulta but I've seen it in store] is just the best kohl eyeliner. It goes on like a dream, stays, and smudges like it was made for the best smokey eye a girl can ask for. It's kind of an all in one eye liner. For those that are more advanced with a steady hand, the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Eyeliner is touted as one of the best gel liners in the industry. I'm recommending the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara because it's my current favorite Maybeliine mascara, but you could pick up any Maybelline mascara and be just as happy. No one does mascara better, no one.

Moving on to the cheeks, it should be no surprise that the NYX Baked Blush in Spanish Rose [again, look for more shades in store] is on this list. It's almost a dupe for NARS Orgasm, but I think it's less pigmented. The shade is nearly the same. For a bronzer there is no question as to whether the E.L.F Golden Bronzer was going to make this list. It's stupid. Stupid amazing. It's the perfect bronzer for all seasons. It can be built up to offer a little bit of a contour, or just add a bit of glow.

To wrap up the look, the NYX Brow Pencil [again, available in Target, but not online] has lately been noted as an almost dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It's got a pencil head and then if you take the cap off the other end it's got the brush just like the brow wiz. Finally, the L'Oreal Infallible Setting Spray is not one I've used, but I know it's reviewed to be a great drugstore setting spray. If you try it, let me know what you think!

TOTAL COST: Less than $75

That's an entire look for less than $75 and these products are absolutely fantastic! Hopefully, this guide will help you the next time you're feeling lost in Target.

PS As a side note, Target really needs to get their act together with selling cosmetics online. Target marketing, if you read this, help a girl out and revamp your cosmetics portion of your website. 

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