The Gifts You Should be Giving This Graduation Season

Graduation Gift Guide

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Listen. I know everyone under their mother is going to want to run to the nearest Hallmark store and grab a Precious Moments ceramic doll with a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss this graduation season but I'm here to scream a resounding, "NO!"

Put down the book before someone gets hurt!

Fun Story

My graduation party was pretty ok. Except for the tornado that ripped apart our borrowed tents and caused everyone to hide in the garage (not safe) from the hail and ridiculous wind. I mean, other than that it was a success.

However, I have to tell you, while that picture frame with a poem on the back, or the cute graduation doll was definitely lovely, these are things I absolutely, without any doubt, would not use my freshman year of college. This is not to say I didn't appreciate them, so if any of you aunts and uncles reading this are like, "Psssh, last graduation gift she gets..." number one, you're right, cause I'm not going to graduate again, and number two, seriously, I loved them. They meant the world to me, I just didn't need them.

Enter this gift guide.

What I've featured above is a collage, if you will, of items that I imagine every recent high school grad would really need come dorm room time this August. I say really need because the pink snarky poster and ridiculous bobble head I thought I "needed" never actually made it home when I moved back. So, what does every college bound freshman really need?  Let's break it down.

1) Cash. This should be the first, second, third, and fourth item on your gift list for this years graduation class. This is the end all be all. Also, even if you can't afford a lot, put a fiver in the card. I remember opening up cards and having them empty. Ouch. Show your grad some support, even if it's a fiver.

2) iTunes Gift Card. Entertainment is key for dorm living. If you (the college student) are not entertained you will go out and do something stupid. This is a documented fact. So, do the college bound creature a favor and give them the means to entertain themselves. Watching your favorite movies or TV series on repeat is a favorite past time of the college species.

3) Spotify Premium Upgrade. As I mentioned with the iTunes gift card, entertainment is key. And music plays a large part of college life. Give them the gift of music and music discovery. 

4) Amazon Prime. This is the gift that keeps on giving. College students spend an obscene amount of time on the internet. This includes watching YouTube videos, creating meme's, and online shopping. Gasp! I know. What is a broke college kid doing shopping? The answer is passing the time. Do them a favor, save them some money on shipping and encourage them to watch rerun's of Downtown Abby.

5) Super Comfy Slip Ons. This one goes out to the ladies. Unless you're Meg from you will live in comfy slip ons. Don't fight it. When you were out all night, studying ::cough:: and you've got that 8am intro to something course, I promise that you will likely not quite make it out of your PJ's before you get there. Those amaze-balls heels you found at DSW will get worn to the clubs, and only for a little while. You'll take them off when you get "tired" enough.

6) A really good bag. Some people might say, "Why would you get a really good bag for a college grad? They're just going to lose it, get it stolen, or lose it." And you're probably right. However, and this goes especially for the ladies, when you graduate, you suddenly feel like, "Whoa. I have to be an adult now" but you really have no idea what that means. Giving a college grad a Coach bag (a real one) that she can take with her will mean more to her than I could possibly express here. She'll wear it with pride, it will give her the needed confidence boost she needs to get through those ultra home-sick days, and will bring her joy every time she gets a snarky glare from another college freshman with a bag from some place less swanky than Coach. It's like wearing your favorite shirt, or lipstick. Even though it's just a bag, or lipstick, or shirt, if you've got it on, you know that it'll all work out. Cause you feel great. So, while this might be a joint gift from a few aunts and uncles, or maybe a gift from a really close friend of the family, this one should not be overlooked.

Thus concludes my graduation party gift guide. What do you think? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below!

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