Urban Decay Duo-Tone Eyeshadows

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I finally got a chance to get my hands on the new Urban Decay Duo-Tone Eyeshadows and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

Urban Decay Duo-Tone Eyeshadow in Lounge and Tonic, MAC 217

These eyeshadows....just wow. I'm telling you, they are fantastic! They go on like a dream and the duo-tone is so amazing for summer. What I really love is the fact that these are definitely a shimmer shadow, but they're not so over the top you feel like you've got headlights on your eyelids. 

Urban Decay really has possibly the best formula for powder eyeshadows. They kind of pack a 1-2 punch with their application and pigmentation. If you're looking for an all day wear, these shadows are the way to go.

Lounge is the green/brown color that looks great in the pot, but goes on like a lovely cocoa-powdery brown and shimmers to a deep forest green. Anyone with hazel eyes should run, not walk, run to their nearest Sephora and spend the money on this color. It's the only eyeshadow you will ever need. I have hazel eyes and it makes my eyes look so green it's sick. I just love love love it. This shade would also go well for people with brown eyes, green eyes, or grey-ish eyes.

Tonic is a lavender/fuschia shade that goes on lavender but has a lovely hidden fuschia color that just...it's drool worthy. As mentioned above, I have hazel eyes and generally mine can go a bit grey. This color is perfect for anyone with grey, brown, or blue eyes. I would like to see what it does with someone with blue eyes. Someone post a picture in the comments below or tweet me @cwhitney88 and let me know!

Urban Decay has a total of 8 new duo-tone colors for this summer. Again, I can't stress how much I love these things. I'm sure the remaining 6 will end up in my collection.

PS Here I am wearing Lounge...see what I mean (sorta)? Hazel eyes, run! Go get it!

I just read the Urban Decay description of Lounge and they say it's like a brick red with green shimmer...I'm not so sure....definitely more of a brown in my opinion.

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