$6 Second Day Hair Savior

I have an extreme fear of all types of hair serums. This is because my hair is ridiculously fine. I mean...way fine. So any time I put something with even a little bit of moisture in it, my hair goes all limp and oily and it's just not a great day.

You can imagine my horror when Inflenster.com wanted me to try one out. ::shudder:: But, against my better judgement, I tried it. And when I say I was pleasantly surprised, I'm not kidding. This stuff is great!

I tried it on my wet hair first and wasn't too impressed. When I tried it on my dry, poofy, second day, first day was in a bun, brush out hair, I was surprised to see how well it worked. It took my hair from being a finger-in-a-light-socket kind of puffy down to a manageable volume that I was able to tame the rest of the way with my amazing curling iron (review coming soon).

With a price tag of only $6 it's worth giving a try, regardless of your type of hair.

*I received this product free for testing. All reviews and opinions are my own. Links are affiliate links, as per the norm.

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