Creating an E.L.F Palette

I feel like maybe ELF Cosmetics doesn't necessarily get the credit they're due. I admit that until trying them, I chalked them up to a cheap, this-is-where-you-should-start-with-makeup-when-you're-twelve kind of line, but after trying a few of their products (and brushes) I can see now that I was sadly mistaken. While ELF may not have the most versatile line of shadows, and they may only have a few choices for brows, and mascara, their baked blushes and bronzers (my favorite is the Golden Bronzer) are top of the line.

Every once in a while, ELF has a mega-sale where you can make a palette, like the one pictured above, for under $5. That's right loves, under $5. In fact, each pan was only 39-cents. 39-cents!! The quality is pretty good too, very much reminds me of a good L'Oreal shadow. They're pigmented, go on nice and smooth and are extremely blendable.

If you're new to makeup or want to have a customized palette for a decent price, I would look into ELF's options. Like I said, they do not have a ton of color selection in their customizable pans, but they're definitely worth a look.

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