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You know, as I look at these decor items, I'm kind of laughing at myself....definitely a nautical theme going on, and I really didn't even realize it.  


It has been a while since I've done a decor-love post, so I figured I'd compile a few things that I'm absolutely loving right now. Now, normally, I wouldn't recommend a wallpaper, but I think the Nuvolette Wallpaper is actually a great pattern for any medium-sized wall. It's definitely a neutral, but offers a bit of texture that could potentially be irreplaceable. 

The Gneiss Day Coaster Set and the Mermaid Bookends are great additions to really any living space. Both would add a little interest. 

My geometrical love has not really gone any where and that's really why the Tealight Up My Life Votive Candle Holder and the Exemplary Contemporary Vase Set made it in this collection. Love the straight lines of both and they can be featured in a contemporary room, or add a little variety in a more traditional setting.

Do I really need to tell you why the Watercolor Zoology Pillow Set is on this list? I love flamingo's. I really do. And I love watercolors. This is both and therefore perfect. 

The Chronicle Books Vintage Inspired Long Overdo Notecard Set and the Moscow About That? Cocktail Set are the two kitchen items I have on here. I'm actually planning a revamp of my recipes using this Notecard Set, so I'm going to glaze over it now (you'll see more of it later) and go straight to the thing I am most excited about on this list. 

Do you know what a Moscow Mule is? I didn't either until a coworker explained that it's an old Hollywood drink, invented in SoCal, that is made and drunk (grammar?) from a copper mug, aka the Moscow Mule Mug! The Mug was put out specifically for this drink by Cock'n Bull Ginger Beer and it's just awesome. Ever since he told me that, as a collector of barware, I've been obsessed with getting my hands on a set. This may not be vintage, but it is pretty fantastic and it's really pretty. So, it would go great on any bar, PLUS! You'll be able to dazzle your friends with your vast knowledge of the origin.


photo cred: epicurious.com

1 half lime

2 ounces vodka

4-5 ounces ginger beer

Squeeze lime into copper mug, and drop in half lime. Add 2 or 3 large ice cubes, then pour in the vodka and fill with cold ginger beer. Serve with stirring rod.


It really is a delicious drink and very refreshing. If you don't like a tart drink, then I would skip this, however, I really really enjoy it. And yes, I know the picture isn't in a copper mug....but then how would you ever see what it looked like?? 

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