Friday Faves/H54F No. 13

Lucky number 13 today, so in celebration of the 13th post, which happens to happen on a Friday (note the Friday the 13th reference), I'm going to post my Top Five Reasons I can't wait for Halloween (because I start getting excited about Halloween in July...)


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All the Creepy Travel Channel Shows

This is hands down the best thing about October. The Travel Channel goes all creepy and does shows like America's Top Haunts, and Creepiest Destinations! They're so cheesy and so great. I just love them. And yes I know, I do watch Ghost Adventures basically everyday. It's part of my life.


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Making Creepy Looking Cookies

Move over Christmas cookies, stuff gets real when I start throwing down the creepy severed finger cookies, ghost like sugar cookies, and venom looking drinks. Oh man.


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Being Able to Say..."What? It's Halloween!"

Confession: I watch Hocus Pocus whenever it's on TV, and The Nightmare Before Christmas is my insomnia movie. At least during Halloween time, I get to use the excuse that it's Halloween when I re-watch Nightmare for the 18th time that week.


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Decorating for Halloween

There is no better holiday for decorations than Halloween. I'm always going to Michael's and Joann's to stare at the newest decorations I don't need.


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Martha Stewart's Halloween Magazine Special
If you've never gotten your hands on a Martha Stewart Halloween special, you're truly missing out. I absolutely love these magazine's and love how much she loves Halloween.



Thanks for joining me today! What are some of your favorites from this week? Leave a comment below to discuss!

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