Duck and Dressing: Je Ne Sais Quack!

How surprised do you think I was when I was scrolling through Instagram (@shesleaningin) the other day and saw that Sadie Robertson (who I've been following since her stint on DWTS) posted this wicked cute ensemble from a store previously unknown to me.

Allow me to introduce....

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Not sure who Sadie Robertson is and totally missed that play on words in the branding? Let me help you out:

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She's the super adorable, awesome dancing, fun loving daughter of Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander and #BossHog of the A&E show: Duck Dynasty. I'm assuming the play on words within the branding has become obvious now.

Getting back to my surprise: I'm sure you can bet I was surprised to find that not only was Sadie apart of this little business venture, but this little boutique is charming as hell and has some seriously great clothes available. 


Ok, I think I know what you're thinking. Can these people possibly make any more money? And the answer is decidedly, yes. They can. And I have money that I want to give to them, and not just for their duck calls (you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl). How great are some of those pieces? Remember, this is a boutique shop, which means that there may be some clothes that are the Duck and Dressing brand, but there are likely a lot of others as well. For instance the Mint-Floral Shirt and the Black Lace Dress by BCGB.

From just perusing the website, I think my favorite thing is the random photos of the Robertson family all over the page, modeling the clothing/items being sold. If you know anything about the Robertson clan, you'll know that Rebecca (the eldest Robertson child) is likely the brain behind this boutique and you can explore more with her ridiculously fabulous blog, found on the Duck and Dressing website. My least favorite part is that there are no sizes above the dreaded 'L'. Maybe they'll expand some day? I certainly hope so, because I'd love to partake.

*Sorry about the links, the other thing I don't like about the website is that there's no true product pages....

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