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That's right folks, it's time to geek it up in here. Today's post is all about representing your inner geek while maintaining some semblance of style and put-togetherness. The fact that society would have us believe that all geeks enjoy wearing band tee's and jeans with rips is beside the point. Let's talk about some of the pieces. 

First of all the Barbie shirt is something I would actually wear to work. You can't see it here, but the detailing on the back is terrific and very very chic. The Little Mermaid Top is a bit more obvious, but still very much appropriate for a night out on the town. 

The idea here is subtly. As a fellow geek, I can understand getting over excited whenever you see a fun quip from Sherlock or Dr. Who on a piece of clothing. Alas, there are better ways to say that you're SherLOCKED or are waiting for your Time Lord. The Lobo Malo Tank is a brilliantly subtle way to shout out your love of all things Time Lord. Also, keeping it simple with the 221B Tee is a great option for everyday. I do wish this wasn't screen printed and could do without the detailing, but you get the idea.

Another way to keep it #GeekChic is to change it up a bit. The StormTrooper Selfie Tee is freaking fantastic. What better way to say I love Star Wars than wearing a great tee like that to run errands in or wear to the next showing of Pixels?

I think we've pretty much established that I have a major crush on anything that's out of the ordinary and is clever in nature. The Wizard of Oz Shoes to Die For Tee is exactly that. It's very obviously Wizard of Oz, but who's ever considered the fact that the entire story is essentially about a pair of shoes?

Finally, if all else fails and you're in band tee hell, opt for something small but effective. I love this Beauty and the Beast Watch. It's obviously not the best watch on the market, but I find it undeniably charming.

Remember people, you can be a geek and still have style and fashion on your side. Just keep it #GeekChic.

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