MAC Lipsticks are my Homegirls

I can't really talk enough about how much I love all things MAC Lipsticks. I'm going to be entirely honest here and tell you that I haven't tried any MAC foundations, primers, setting sprays, or powders, but give me their brushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows and I'm about done.

If I could own every single lipstick they offer (regardless of finish) I really would but the two I've been crushing on since forever are the ones above. Allow me to introduce you to MAC Heroine and MAC Mehr. The lipsticks of all lipsticks.

You've seen me in both, dozens of times....

Mehr is such a great neutral shade for all skin tones. I think it would be equally beautiful on someone who is fair skinned versus someone who has darker skin. And as for Heroine, when you're in need of the edgy accent, there really isn't another color that I would reach for. However, I have been trying to get Meg @ My Monochromatic Life to wear Kat Von D's Echo but she keeps chickening out...

Either way, both colors are fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone. I'm always looking for good color recommendations, so if you have a favorite, I'd love to hear! Leave a comment below!

MAC Lipstick are available in a MAC store or on and retail for about $17.

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