Supersize Me...well, my masacara that is

Who remember's that random movie about McDonald's from the early 2000's? I do, but confession: I never saw it. Because, ew. That's why.

Anyways, after seeing a lot of random hype about this mascara, I decided to try it out and after I got over my initial wand-shock, it's slowly becoming my main squeeze. In case you don't know, this lovely blue mascara is the Covergirl The Supersizer mascara in the color black. As you can see the packaging is super cute and Katy Perry's lashes looked awesome, so I was all about it.

What gives with the wand you ask? Well it's this weird tapered thing that seems a bit odd at first, but then when you (gasp!) read the directions for application, they explain that you are truly supposed to turn the wand in a circle while you're applying. I'm not going to lie, it did take a few times to really get it right, but now, my lashes are fantastically and fabulously long.

One of the things this mascara done amazingly well is give you an all over volume whereas other mascaras, like the L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly give you more of a winged look. I generally prefer the winged look over all-over volume, but what it's time to rock a BAM lash, it's time to rock it.

You can purchase this mascara at Target for $5.99.

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