Fall Wedding Fashion for Brunette's

It's freaking fall people! Fall!!! I could scream it from the mountain tops! I love fall and once upon a time I dreamed of a fall wedding. Sigh. I ended up with a spring wedding at the Grand Canyon, but we won't go into all that drama-drama.

Anyways, about a month ago my cousin (who's like a sister to me) shot me a text asking me to curate an outfit for her. She's attending her neice's wedding and wanted to look bangin' so naturally, I said I'd help her out.

Fall Wedding Choices for a Brunette

My cousin (let's call her Jane) is a brunette with fair skin and an hourglass shape. So, in order to accentuate that, I went with a cut on the dress that would accent her waist, but not draw attention to the hip/chest region. Both Jane and I have a more than enough happening in the chest region, so it was important to find a dress that would be appropriately modest, but still showed a little of the declitage area. I LOVE this color for Jane. With her hair and skin, the plum will be a great accent. I've given her two choices for shoes (she's not really a heel person) and a couple choices for jewelry as well. The dress and shoes are from Modcloth.com and the jewelry is from Target.

Fall Wedding for Brunette 2

Dress, Leopard Shoe, Leather Wedges, Light Earring, Black Earring

This is a bit different than the one above. Instead of going with the plum, I went with a great aqua/emerald color that again, will accent Jane's hair and skin. Instead of doing a necklace with this dress, I felt that because of the cut, dangly earrings would be better suited. Again, two choices for shoes, a flat and the same wedges as above.

I'll try to convince her to let me post a photo of her all dressed up so you can all see the final product! I'm also really excited to figure out which outfit she goes with. Oh! I should also mention that Jane's budget wasn't huge, and that's ok! These outfits are all under $200 for a head to toe look.

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