What Up Fall 2015 Beauty Launches

Have I mentioned that it's Fall lately? I have? Oh. Well, IT'S FALL! That means fabulous new beauty launches, and I've picked my top three launches that you have to check out. 

By the way, this is a co-post with the fabulous Meg from MyMonoChromaticLife.com. She's heading up the fashion department for Fall 2015. When you're done drooling perusing here, bop over to her post on Fall 2015 fashion trends (linked at the bottom).

photo cred: kikocosmetics

First up is Kiko's new launch, and guys I've got to tell you, this is freaking perfect. I'm not going to go into too much depth here, but ViviannaDoesMakeup did the perfect post about the collection. Just know that the lip pencil and Intensly Lavish Lipstick she's wearing in her photo will be mine. So gorgeous.

photo cred: tarte

Tarte and I are like this ::crosses fingers::. I generally really like everything they do and this Energy Noir Collection is no objection. I think I've mentioned this particular palette in a prior post, and really for good reason. This is the perfect palette for women who have a more olive/tan skin tone. Don't get me wrong, it would look bangin' on all skin types, but I really think the sweet spot is for the medium complected. I do feel like I need to mention that there's also a lip gloss, which if you've been following me for a while know means nothing to me, and a lip tint that I'm kind of excited to try. Let's face it, the palette steals the show for me.

photo cred: urbandecay

And this would not be a Fall 2015 Beauty post without at least mentioning the Urban Decay Vice4 Palette which is currently sold out online, and basically everywhere. Why is this, you ask? Because Urban Decay eye shadows are just....they're just the best. And this palette is such a fun palette for everyone. Very versatile. However, UD is still very much riding the Matte Revolution train so there's not much more to report from them. 

That's all I've got folks! Head over to MyMonoChromaticLife.com and check out the latest fall trends in fashion. 

What are you guys most excited about for Fall 2015 (other than the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, of course)?

photo cred for header: kiko, tarte, urban decay

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