Fixing Dem Nails

Is it just me, or is everyone having some issues with their nails right now? I know I am. For some reason, my nails have become brittle, thin, and flaky. Seriously, like flaky, and it's kind of gross. I hate it.

It's been happening for a month or so now, so I've been looking into way to fix my nails for the last couple of weeks. I've come up with two different items, both work about the same.

NailTek Intensive Therapy II is actually something I've known about for a while. My gram gave me a bottle of this a few years ago after removing my acrylic nails. I used it 3 times a week, and left my nail bare. By the end of week one, my nails were stronger than ever. This is sometimes a little hard to find. I found a 2-pack on Amazon for less than $10.

Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure is a lot easier to find (I got mine at Target) and I think works a little bit better. Not only did it make my nails stronger, but I felt like it helped seal in the flaking portion of my nails, helping them to grow out.

Nail care is important, especially when you're changing your nail polish color a lot. Make sure you take a moment and apply a base coat, as well as a fortifier to make sure your nails stay in tip top shape.

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