Black Friday Deals + H54F No. 23

Let me be clear. I do not condone the Black Friday shenanigans that we've been witness to the last 50 years, however, when it comes to getting wicked awesome deals, there's no better day. So, today, I'm going to outline my favorite Black Friday stores to hit I do not believe in getting up at 0500 and heading to the stores, just to witness humanity at it's worst. I especially do not believe in or agree with stores opening on Thanksgiving night. 

Most of the stores, regardless of the fact that there's now a Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday (which is my favorite of the days) offer most of their Black Friday sales online. Walmart, specifically, does not. You will have to go to the store if you want any of their doorbusters, but I've gotten some great deals on, Amazon, and even Bass Pro Shops (for the outdoorsman/woman in your life). So, below, you'll find a little collage of my top 5 stores to hit up, from the comfort of your home and with company of your family.

WEIGHT WATCHERS UPDATE: I nailed my goal this week! -2 pounds and counting!

Also, I realize now, that as of this post, I did not post a whole lot about beauty, fashion, or design this week, and I'm a bit sorry about that. I post about what's happening in my life, and well, what's happening definitely includes beauty, this week it just wasn't at the forefront. Stay tuned though, tomorrow marks the Sephora VIB sale and I'm pretty sure there's a haul coming...


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