Essie Winter 2015

Essie has done it again and came out with a fantastic new collection for Winter. I think I say this about all of their collections, but this one....this one speaks to me. It's Winter, and basically monochromatic. I...can'

There are 6 different colors (per the norm) but I've curated my favorites for you above. Surprise, it's black and white and red all over. When I first saw Virgin Snow I thought, wait, did a nail polish company finally nail what untouched snow looks like? Add some glitter and I think they've got it.

Haute Tub is described as "jet black with amethyst fire." I describe it as YAAAS honey! As for Peak Show and Altitude Attitude, these are staples for all year round, but will look especially fabulous this winter. And that's really the name of the game isn't it? To look fabulous?

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