GHD Curve, YAAS Honey!

I have to start by saying that photographing a shiny beautiful curling iron is a chore. So I'm sorry that it looks a little...meh. 

Regardless of the photography, this curling iron may actually be the best thing since sliced bread. But I mean, if I'm honest, I actually like this more than sliced bread. That's what a curling iron like the GHD Curve does for you.

As my regular readers will know, I have super fine, stick straight hair. Getting it to hold a curl is like getting a cat to enjoy a bath. Oh, it'll curl, but by the time I make it out of the bathroom, the back as already fallen and the front is marching it's way back to being straight. 

I should take a moment and let you know that this curling iron is an investment. I mean, seriously. It's expensive. But it's completely worth it. I'm not an expert on hair or styling tools, however, I can tell you that I'm convinced that the reason this curling iron is worth the price tag is because not only is the wand heated, but the clip is also heated. This offers a complete and even heat causing the hair to hold a curl more effectively.

And that's what we're all after isn't it? A curl that doesn't require a touch up. So, start saving your pennies ladies, a new game is in town. 

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