Green Light a Vet + Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all of my veteran friends, family, co-workers and readers. As someone with some experience with the military-kind I've seen the long term effects of war. I've seen the short term effects of war. I've also seen the effects of the civilian training the military offers to those coming home from war. (If there was one thing I could change about the military it'd be their civilian training) 

Anyways, Greenlight A Vet is a program started by Walmart to raise awareness and to be a symbol of appreciation for our Vet's this Veterans day (hint: you could probably keep this going all year...). This program is asking for you to change one of your patio/porch lights to be green, shining like a beacon on the street for everyone to see! Brian is bringing home our bulb tonight (you can get them at Lowe's or Home Depot) and we'll be Greenlighting it for months to come. I encourage you all to log on to the website and read all about it. Remember, freedom isn't free. Every person in the military has paid some sort of price for us to live the lives we live. Don't hesitate to thank them.

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