Something Different + Weight Watchers

I'm putting the beauty, fashion, and design on hold for a second to talk about something a little different. The first thing you should know is that, I've been through some stuff. I've seen some things, I've made some mistakes and I've been through some stuff. Through the past 5 years I've been on a serious journey to fix somethings about myself that I wasn't necessarily happy with.

This is not to say that you shouldn't be happy with yourself, and it's not that I wasn't generally happy, but I was anxiety ridden and on an average day I had some especially different kind of struggles.

Anyways, a few things have happened over the last year and now I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself....except for one thing. My weight. I've been overweight my entire life, and while it's never really physically stopped me from doing anything (and certainly never mentally) it is something I've had with me for a very long time.

...The long story short is that I've joined Weight Watchers and I'm excited to share my journey with all of you. I'm better with quick goals so right now, my goal is to loose 2 pounds per week. 2 pounds! That's it! And, ps, that's healthy. No more crash diets for this girl. Today was my first weekly weigh in and while I currently weigh 1 million pounds (I'm pretty sure that's what the scale said) I'm working on weighing 2 pounds less next week.

I'll let you know how it goes and would love if any of you are looking to loose a few pounds for you to join me! See you next week....two pounds lighter.

PS I've started a weight loss blog called "The Arena"! Give it a read (link in sidebar).

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