The One Where Everyone's Right

Everyone has been raving about Laura Mercier's Translucent Powder and....they were right. As my normal readers will know, I have very oily skin and battle daily with oily skin and spots. I've been using this powder for a solid week and it's become a ride or die as my setting powder. 

After applying foundation, I usually use the baking method on my forehead and then set my entire face with a large powder brush. The baking method is when you apply a good amount of powder to your skin and let it sit there and bake for a while (usually while you're doing your eyes, or contouring) before blending it in. It really works for me. My forehead, which is notoriously oily, doesn't get all sheeny any longer. 

It should really be a staple for anyone with oily/combination skin. Those with dry skin will get some use out of this as well. Especially if you like to use cream contour/blush. Use this powder to set the blush/contour! It will help that contour/blush stay put all day!

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