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Best of Oakley Holiday

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Brian is obsessed with Oakley sunglasses. They're literally the only thing he allows on his face, and one time, when a pair were lost at sea, I saw my husband cry....almost. If you're in a relationship, or have been in a long term relationship, you know that eventually somethings are bound to rub off. When the Oakley Holiday lookbook showed up, I couldn't help taking a peek. 

Above are my top five items out of the catalog and I just want to mention a few of them. Let's take a moment and talk about the Oakley Frogskins Apline in Chrome. Hi, wha? Chrome freaking sunglasses? Maybe you're not into them, but I surely am. I'm also in love with the Oakley Feedback in Violet. It reminds me of those winter catalogs with the blonde, and the hat, and the snow, and the know?

Anyways, those are a few of my favorites for today. Let me know what your favorite sunglasses line is in the comments below!


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