Going Blonde

Well, I finally did it. I went blonde. I'm not exactly sure what finally possessed me to take the plunge (I've been toying with the idea for years...years). Now that it's over I'm so happy I did it. I think it's a completely different look for me, and one I'm very much enjoying.

I've been a brunette my entire life, so everything has just kind gone around my brunette hair. The type of clothing I wear, the makeup I buy, everything. But now that I'm blonde, I've found that I'm able to wear different things for my everyday. Like the lipstick on this photo:

Did I wear it before? Yes. Did I love it before? Meh... Now that I'm blonde, it's my go - to. I'm also wearing this eyeshadow a lot more. The silvery/pink goes fantastic with my complexion and the blonde hair makes me feel a little more secure about wearing straight up silver eye shadow.

I'm excited to experiment with more of the silvery shades! Everday Starlet has a great tutorial on old Hollwood makeup I'm dying to try out. Before, with my brunette hair, I would have thought...yes, but maybe a bit more smokey...now a whole new world of silver and pink has opened up to me that I'm really digging. 

So far, everyone (even Brian) has been sold, hook, line and sinker on the blonde hair. I think I'll be going a bit blonder over the summer months as well and I really can't wait to see how that impacts my daily makeup choices.

PS If you like this look, and would like your stylist to try doing something like this on you, let him/her know that you'd like an ashy brown on the roots, and then would like the blonde blended using the balayage technique with the end result being blonde all over with darker roots. 

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