Merry Christmas Eve + Happy Christmas

This post is going up today (Thursday) in order to wish you all a very Merry Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning! I hope you are all able to spend it with family and friends that you love and cherish! At this point (although not whilst I write) I am in Minnesota, probably freezing, but enjoying every second of my first Christmas with my parents and brother in five years! As some of you know, but it's not the most advertised thing on this blog, music a major part of my life. So, naturally, at any event, I go through great pains to make sure the music is in tip-top shape. This year is no different, and as my little gift to all of you, I've created a YouTube Playlist (embedded below) of my top 50 Christmas songs...this year. Because it changes...every year.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas

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