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Nude Shoes

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Ladies, let's take a minute and talk about the nude shoe. Some may consider this the boring cousin to the coveted black shoe, but I'm here today to give the nude shoe the credit it deserves.

In exactly one months time, I will be at a gala hosted by my place of work benefiting a department of my work. It's fun, exciting, and most of all, an excuse to get dressed up. This year, instead of opting for the LBD, or some other variation of that, I've opted for a very awesome, very beautiful, very red dress. It's fantastic (you'll see it soon) and takes the commanding lead over what my hair, makeup, and shoes will look like for the evening. Enter, the nude shoe.

Because the dress is red, I feel like doing a black shoe is a bit of a contrast and a silver/gold shoe might send the wrong signal. I don't know if you'll agree with me, but there's something about a silver or gold shoe paired with a red/pink dress that screams "I want attention!" And, as a lady, you usually get it...but it's sometimes not the right type of you catch my drift. I hope I haven't totally offended all of you by saying that, but it just seems a bit too flashy, you know what I mean?

That's why I've decided that nude is the way to go. I do really like the idea of dressing the nude shoe up with some studs or a buckle. I do think that a nude shoe should be just that, nude. Chances are, if you're wearing nude on the feet, you've got something going on up top with the dress, jewelry, etc. Remember, you're going neutral for a reason and because these shoes can basically go with anything, they are, in my opinion, essential for any woman's shoe wardrobe.

I'll let you know which one I end up choosing in my outfit post, yes, you read that right. You're going to see me in the actual outfit, on the actual day. Crazy, right?

Stay tuned for more posts about outfitting myself for the gala (and Brian too).

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