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This year Brian and I are going to tackle the backyard. Since we live in the high desert our backyard basically looks like this:


I know some of you are over there all, LOL, that's sooooo funny...but it's really not that far from the truth. Lots of dirt, lots of weeds, and a plethora of holes which Cooper (resident hound) has graced us with. It needs help. Lots of it. So lately, I've been checking out some photos/design ideas for backyards, and I've got a couple I'm excited about.

I really love this. Brian loves rock gardens and I love stylized patios. This kind of marries the two. The main feature I'm obsessing about here is the path up to the round seating area. I really love that.

This is another example of the circular seating area. Because we're in California, we'd likely eliminate the wood fire pit for a glass fire pit that burns propane/natural gas. This is definitely more green than we could go as well, simply because of the water situation. Not sure what kind of fire pit I'm talking about? Check this out...

Inside that fire pit are glass rocks called fire glass. I really like this look as well. Very minimalist very easy. I especially love the planters. That actually might end up in the actual design. 

Those are some of my favorites so far. Have you done any landscaping? I'd love to know some tricks. 


PS All images come from Houzz.com, of which I am an influencer. Click the image below to head over and check out some great ideas. And, in case you're wondering, this post is not sponsored.

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