Monday Round-Up + Hollywood Pantages

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever Monday Round-Up in which I will tell you all about my weekend. I like this idea, because I feel like it's going to make me get out and actually do something with my weekend, so let's get to it!

This weekend was a blast. Saturday was spent just chilling out at home, doing homework, filming a little something (gasp!) and watching Mad Men. But then Sunday-Funday happened and my Mother in Law and I went out on the town.

We piled in the car, and headed down to Hollywood to have breakfast at Mel's Diner, which is from the movie American Graffiti. It was delicious (as you can see) and I love a place with a lot of character. Living in Southern California is really interesting. You can find movie places all over the place and this was just the first of many movie sights we ended up visiting. (PS across the street is Hollywood High, which is where people like Judy Garland went to high school).

We ended up getting done with breakfast a lot earlier than we thought and ended up with about an hour and a half of spare time before we needed to be at the Pantages to see Dirty Dancing. I suggested we should head up to Griffith Observatory since I've never been there.

Unfortunately, when we got there, it was freaking packed so we headed down the mountain and ended up having drinks at 33 Taps right outside of the Pantages Theater.

For those of you who don't know, the Pantages theater is where The Aviator was filmed. This is a beautiful piece of Art Deco architecture that I recommend everyone who ends up in Hollywood seeing. It's absolutely gorgeous.

I've been here several times, and every time I come I'm blown away by it's beauty. As I mentioned above, we were here to see Dirty Dancing, and we did. It was good, not great. The cast was fantastic and when Johnny came through the audience, grabbed Baby's hand and said, "No one puts Baby in a corner..." the entire audience erupted in cheers and applause.

Also, this guy was there and I have to say. really ladies, really. This is a wax figure. There's no need to grope this guy to try to fulfill some random fantasy. We get it, P.Swizzy (his ghetto name) was sexy as hell, no need to be inappropriate. :-)

Shoes / dsw
Jeans / Torrid (similar)
Shirt / Torrid
Jacket / Target (not yet on website, but it's Ava & Viv)

Believe it or not, I managed to snap an outfit photo at Target today. Let's face it, I was sending it to Meg from MyMonochromaticLife for approval, and approve she did! It's my first outfit post!

I'm really sad the weekend is over. My MIL and I had such a great time today, just hanging out and having fun. To celebrate I will leave you with a few more Hollywood photos. Ooo! I should show you where we park when we go to Pantages. I think this building has been in a few movies ;-)

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